Monthly Archives: August 28, 2015

iHealth Align:Gluco Test

  iHealth again made my day with their very innovative of Healthcare gadgets, this the new iHealth Align to measure Gluco-Monitoring System which fast, accurate and compact. Automatically logs reading, view standard overtime and easily share result over internet dan social media.Its come with  the Glucose meter, lancing devices, lancets, and etcs.Price at RM 89… Read more »

Dark Mocha & Java Chip

  Since Starbuck Jaya SHopping Centre were the best barista in Klang Valley, I would suggest people to come here for getting the best beverage ever…….the store also clean, with open air location..

Handmade Pasta Sauce

  I too easy to cook this pasta sauce, mostly malay like it to be hot and spicy, just prepare a ingredients like onions, pasta sauce (tomato puree), original is better, beef and so on. Need to cook with love for the maximum taste. For sure the sauce is much better than the expensive restaurant… Read more »

Kenny Rogers Spaghetti

  We suppose to eat at Texas Chicken nearby, but the customer on line is very long, so we decided to take other choice at nearby Kenny Roger Roasters. Seem I don’t eat spaghetti for a long time period, maybe on iftar last month. So already banned the bad sauce, and take the beef bolognese… Read more »

Big Apple Doughnuts

  Long time ago not eating this doughnuts, looks similar to Krispy Kreme, the taste is different. A box of doughnuts contains 6 varieties of flavour, mostly I like to eat is chocolate flavour. The beans, nuts on the top not too sweet. Meanwhile, some of the flavour have internal creamy sauces. Not to many… Read more »

58th Years Happy Merdeka Malaysia

  Malaysia will celebrate the next 58th Independence Day on August, 31, 2015, Monday. NU Sentral already decorate their shopping mall with patriotic sign and the “Jalur Gemilang”. The photo shows the 1st Prime Minister celebrate the Independence of Malaya in 1957.

Sony Xperia E4 Dual

  Be a good pleasure when somebody give a money to me and asked to buy something namely gadget. Exciting about people that need something new to them, mainly they suppose doesn’t know about new thing. That be a nice help for me to help them whatever they want to have. Since then many of… Read more »

Starbucks Green Tea Cream

  This a first time to taste the Starbucks Green Tea Cream, the taste like so “pandan” taste, absolutely horrible for me, but the cream of the Green Tea made my day. When you drink this it seem like a green thing leaves on your tongue with some sort of pandan flavour rather than the… Read more »

VIVO at The Curve, IKEA

  Long time not visit this Restaurant since last year back from UK at Berjaya Times Square branch, but now at The Curve with free membership card and a free Mango with cream at the price of RM 14.90. This week the main dishes is a beef and chicken pizza with discount of 20%, eat… Read more »

Sony Store Miniature Town for Alpha

  Be a dream when have this kind of toys at home, small town with fantasy dreaming miniature town with moving small train surrounding the land. The theme selected by Sony Store is about Malaysia Lifestyle from the village view to the modern tower of Kuala Lumpur. Meanwhile, on the other side they build a… Read more »

iPhone 5 Bumper Case

  What you can think when you walk in the mall to buy an accessories for your phone? The truth is the booth selling phone accessories seem sell at more higher than expected, mostly the screen protector, only a thick plastic they can sell more than RM 15, insane. There are one place in Kota Damansara,… Read more »

Malaysian Grappling Championship 2015

  This is very good to see a competition in front my naked eyes where a competitor having their games grappling each other and push the opponent to the side of the stage. They need a super energy to push, advantages to the big body guys that easily push their opponent and win the round…. Read more »

Volkswagen Miniature Bus

  What a coupon? You will get free coupon when buy a cosmetic product at Parkson, each RM 100 spend getting RM 10 coupon, lasting for a month….shopaholic thinking, do I need this coupon?Hahaha…..that good lets find something to buy….It just a paper, can buy anything… So what to buy?.. Thinking and look at the… Read more »

Razer Serval Android Controller

  Since my Sony Bravia W80C Android TV do not have any controller to play the games, I decided to look a review about a bluetooth controller compatible with the Android TV, since then I found 2 types of brand including Razer and Ipega. The small Ipega seem very small and look hard to hold… Read more »

Starbuck Manggo Fizzin Flavour

  Yeahh…something gassy and sour sweet taste from the Mango Fizzin at the Starbuck, the new Limited Flavour at any selected Starbucks Store around Malaysia, they introduce 2 flavours including of Lemon Ginger with Mango Fizzin and Red Berry with Mango Fizzin.Price started at RM 17 for tall, RM 18 for grande and RM 19… Read more »

Sony Bravia Android Tv Accessories

  For completing the Sony LED TV Series I have buy the 2 more accessories from the SonyStyle KLCC including of the New 3D Glasses and the One Flick Remote. The active 3D Glasses can be used to any new Sony Bravia model 2015 and above even for the 4K TV. The active glasses also… Read more »

Dal.komm KLCC Chocolate Bingsu

  Really shocked when this Coffee house have a bingsu, situated at 3rd floor of Suria KLCC named Dal.komm Coffee which offer variety of beverage including Bingsu. The bingsu its little bit expensive compared to Caffebene which originally came from Korea and the taste also different, seem the Bingsu have a brownie on the top… Read more »

New Starbuck Flavour – Orange Honeycomb

  This week Starbuck has come with the new flavour of summer season, the flavour came in two which the orange flavour in their coffee and beverage. The first one called the Dark Mocha with honeycomb and the other one is Orange with Honeycomb. Both name is stated as Orange Honeycomb Crunch frappuccino and Mocha… Read more »

New ASUS ZenFone 2

  Finally the arrival of new ASUS Zenfone 2 was great. This version came with new processor from Intel corp with minimal battery drain. Come in red color as in the photo, the storage at 8GB with 2 GB of RAM including of 13 Megapixel of back camera and 5 Megapixel of selfie camera, so… Read more »

7th Years Anniversary of Caffebene

  Discount of 30% on the 2nd item at Caffebene for their 7th years of anniversary, buy a Bingsu at normal price, you will get 30% discount on beverage, selected food also have discount. Me just ordered the Coffee Bingsu along with the Ice Chocolate for the availability and getting a stamp card for the… Read more »

SK-II Pink Flower Limited Edition

  SK-II featuring new sensation of flower edition and its called as Pink Flower Edition for the FTE, promotion on the starter pack from RM 229 to RM 199 decreasing the price was awesome to the new comer to SK-II product line. Other promotion come with free free luggage bag for the purchase of RM… Read more »