Monthly Archives: July 26, 2015

Chinese Muslim Chilli Chicken Rice

  This food is totally hot and spicy after all, you can see the all the dice chillies in the plate, lots and can kill you (hahaha…might be). Price at RM 8.00 with free drink and can be refilled if you want. Located at Taman Dato Harun, nearby Matahari Grocery Store which you can come… Read more »

Giant Tiger Orchids

  This orchids takes me 15 years to have the flower, I have grow this flower since year 2000 at my old house in Segamat, later I and my mother replace the pot with the new pot in year 2004, but we also need to wait the orchids to grow big, this tiger orchids need… Read more »

Fossil Man Wristwatch 

  The wristwatch from Fossil look so elegant to the man who wear it on their hand. Expensive version mostly have lots of functionality within it, for good this watch is free where somebody have been used to give as a gift  for Hari Raya season. This version of Fossil price tag at RM 799… Read more »

Bioterm Cosmetics Made From Water

  When you see water is a water, but for cosmetic fanatic the bioterm is the water, for the most sensitive skin treatment. Mostly people with sensitive skin can’t use chemical material to their skin which can damage instantly and harm the surface of the original skin. Bioterm has made a miracle water base treatment… Read more »

Kenny Rogers Roasters

  Iftar at Kenny Rogers Roasters after seeing a movie Jurassic World at TGV Cinema, Jaya Shopping Centre. The movie start at 5.15pm and ended at 6.45pm. The seats is full with peoples and the story was awesome, the T-REX or Raptor seem have intelligent to kill other dinosaurs at the Island. Because the time… Read more »

Seattle Space Needle – LEGO Architecture

  The smallest built of Seattle Space Needle from Lego Architecture at the Price of RM 99 seem not be affordable cause by the a few pieces of lego inside the box. Its take a few time to build this building, not to adventurous like Paris Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa which the architecture… Read more »

Jaya Shopping Centre Dance Performance

  Since the Hari Raya is near next week on Friday, many of the shopping centre keep their marketing to the top, lots of traditional performance take place after 8.00pm in every shopping mall across Kuala Lumpur. This performance showing by the group of expert in traditional dancing, mostly the dance culture is from state… Read more »

DanBoard on SAL30M28 lens

  Its not easy to handle a A-Mount Lens featuring a Prime lens of SAL30M28 Macro lens in low light, since I have a model of Amazon JP Danboard, its can be a thing to any view and places, I have try to adjust the setting that not so much easier from the E-mount lenses… Read more »

Starbucks End of Ramadhan

  Mostly after iftar, I and my cousin like to chill out at Starbucks Store, mostly nearby our home, since Starbucks have their free drinks in Tuesday and Friday, its very good opportunity to visit this place at this time. Mainly the store located in Bangsar, PJ Jaya, Mid Valley, Centrepoint is mostly likey visit… the… Read more »

Mid Valley Megamall Raya Deco 2015

  This mall was be the favorite mall ever showing their ability to attract public interest to the mall, once again the mall present the village with sentiment of lifestyle in the old day years, the deco also showing the old car from the 70s, motorcycles since world war 2 and others, the shop with… Read more »

The Gardens Mid Valley Raya Deco 2015

  The Gardens this time show their decoration different from others which their try to represent the Raya 2015 by showing the Islamic Art to the public, the shopping centre also hold a competition in instagram for the public to take the best shoot using of this background. Any of the best photo will be… Read more »

Pavillion Raya Deco 2015

  Colorful lantern at the centre of the Pavillion Shopping Mall, look nicely…this arabian lantern made from colorful glass, luxury if embedded into a house. Mainly this lantern show the traditional old arabic lighting.Its also look like made from a crystal glass for shining and effect to the house wall.  

Iftar at Capricciosa, Pavillion, Star Hill

  Its true when Kuala Lumpur became the biggest Shopping Paradise, many of shopping centre compete their decoration across the celebration, to attract people to come even the economic not so smooth by the currency drop the capability to buy goods, mean the power to buy, inflation and so on. Meanwhile, at the same time… Read more »

Suria KLCC Raya 2015 Deco

  The Raya 2015 is nearly and the Ramadhan month still going until the end next week, the Suria KLCC showing their celebration deco by decorating other type of Malay Traditional house, the deco also come with the traditional dancing performance across the stage build, the performance will start from 8.00pm and its depend on… Read more »

Sony Carl Zeiss E-Mount SEL1670Z

  Testing the premium lens on the value mirrorless APC Sensor DSLT was mesmerizing, the increasing in focus better than the kits lens built in by the normal package of the camera. The Carl Zeiss E-Mount SEL1670Z seem to be affordable when using on the Large Size Full Frame Format, not bad to the value… Read more »

The Best Stylus – WazzaBee Zing

  Its not easy find the stylus that can be used both iPad and Android Tablets, mainly Samsung will use “Note” to describe their tablets can be use on their special stylus design rather than use other tablets such as Tab S or Tab 4, iPad remaining to use any rubber stylus act as human… Read more »

Olay Regenerist Brush

  Why buy the expensive brush for your face? need consultation form expert? Your need moving circular brush or a vibration type face cleaning machine? Its might be a decision when buy face brush for advanced system, its depend on your skin sensitivity and massage technique for your face, something the brush can damage your… Read more »

L’oreal Revitalift Laser X3 Treatment

  When a product have a discount on sale, mostly for mother birthday, this L’oreal Laser X3 Day and Night Cream with Serum is the most affordable to buy. This formulae of anti-aging cosmetics was tremendous to remove wrinkles at below of the eye and nose. Each of the product was expensive if buy separately…. Read more »

Publika @ Sri Hartamas

  The next place for shopping in Kuala Lumpur is the luxury place and chill out as Publika @ Sri Hartamas, surrounded by the luxury places including of luxury residences, the shops and store likely to be the upgrade from the old place. Totally the lifestyles here more into social relation including of restaurants, pub… Read more »

KL Sentral, The Face of Kuala Lumpur

  Kl Sentral was the good place to visit in Kuala Lumpur, situated in Brickfield and Bangsar the building is made to connect all transportation including LRT, Monorel, Flight and Komuter train across Kuala Lumpur Town to other places. The place act as transportation gateways in Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA and… Read more »

Sunway Pyramid Raya 2015 Deco #AnyamanRaya

  #AnyamanRaya was the theme selected by the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre for the next celebration Hari Raya 2015. Featuring small fancy traditional Malay Village house at the centre of the shopping mall. Meanwhile, the special mini cooper with such a good paint color nearby of the theme make the decoration truthly amazing.