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Victoria Secret Perfume

  Lovely smell from the tremendous brand of Victoria Secret Perfume set of 3 at the price of RM 145 per bundle/pack. Any flavour can be selected from the store as long the version of the perfume is the same series promotion. The paper bag also showing the cherish and enjoyment, selecting the most popular… Read more »

Lenovo G40 Laptop

  Will be a pleasure when somebody asked me to buy this laptop at the computer store nearby, the journey to search a specific specification and price will be a puzzle to me, at last the laptop best need to buy its this Lenovo G40 consist of Pentium Quad Core Processor (2 Cores 2 threads,… Read more »

New York Steak Shack, Mid Valley Megamall

  Wanna eat beef or steak or a grill chicken or something western, lets go to New York Steak Shack at Mid Valley Megamall, each set price at above RM 25 per pax excluding drinks and side dish. Not often to be a favorite place, but to taste the steak is a must to try… Read more »

LEGO Architecture – The Leaning Tower of Pisa

  The box look so beautiful, touch and feel the box with hand until you see the price tag show the price at RM 124.90, Gluppp…. what does this plastic cost like that? Nevermind! what I want is the Pisa Tower, the architecture of this LEGO set so nice, the blocks develop using the piece… Read more »

PS Vita Update 3.50

  Still used of the old PS Vita 1000, love very much the OLED screen even the power of the battery sink little bit fast, by the way the performance from the ARM Cortex Processor seem power to the little console like this, Sony lately try to obsolete this console which the games not very… Read more »

Prime Lens & DanBoard

  Cute Danboard on the action where the Sony Alpha Prime lenses take into credit. The magnificent bokeh produce by the prime lens of SAL50F18 was superb. See all the actions, DanBoard looks so adorable.

Nandos Chicken, Bangsar Village

  When speaks about Nandos Chicken, peoples always thing on the Chicken Grill and their sauces including of hot peri-peri chicken mild, hot and extra hot. Sometimes the sauce taste so sour on our mouth rather sweetness, Malaysian culture like sweet and sour taste at all.

The Ultimate Gaming Console Collection

  Sometimes chill out always not good when going to spend time at a place, but rather be in the house also can be a good choice, since I have some toy like a gaming console at home, I would like to share the photo of my gaming console including of the new PS4, PS3,… Read more »

Bodyshop Sale

  When the shop have lots of discount in the coming month, all peoples came to the store with some extra privilege being a member, they top-up more discount to the product.. seem others from the relative have to join for the bargain, why not take all the product and pay some money

Bodyshop – Drop of Youth

  This Bodyshop concentrate used to enhancing the skin for smoother looking inside and outside. This product sell at RM 200+ at any Bodyshop store, the effect on the skin show within a night, the smell also so good and its came in 50ml bottle.

The E-Curve Mall, Damansara, PJ

  Shooping Centre doesn’t have only a single building, in Malaysia we have many Mall for shopping, one of them is The E-Curve Mall at Damansara, nearby Persiaran Surian and IKEA Malaysia. This building not so busy with people having their free time here, the place seem to be good to relax and chill out with… Read more »

Waroeng Ayam Penyek, NU Sentral

  Waroeng Ayam Penyek origin from Indonesia types of food including of special fried chicken, rice, soybean and handcrafted sambal from selected premium chillies for the sauce. The asian food will be hot and spicy, which it depend on the level of spicy at medium, hot, and superhot

Sony External LED Light

  I buy this Sony external LED light at a price of RM 600 at Mid Valley Megamall, the last call sell to me by the store, lucky getting the last unit with lots of discount, now I can take bright photo in the low light condition. Its suitable to put on Sony DLST and… Read more »

Memories From London

  This music box sell at Uxbridge at a price of 24.59 pound each, many of the design is wooden made handcraft, the design shows the capital city in Europe but I choose London Big Ben as the landmark of Britain.

Hot and Ice Chocolate – Caffebene

  Weekend in Petaling Jaya this week not to be the good once, since the raining day came to the time, plan to buy new BenQ LED VA Monitor at Digital Mall. At last getting the new model for the both PS3 and PS4 display, chill out at the Caffebene with some chit chat with… Read more »

Macbook Unibody in Yellow Case

  When the old Macbook Unibody have the new case, looks so new even the product still maintain its luxury identity to the public, the case buy at one of the popular friend in facebook at a price of RM 60 including the keyboard and screen protector. Awesome bargain.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

  The New Samsung Tab S 8.4 with LTE connection was awesome product. The color gamut looks so mesmerizing, cannot compare with other LED display in market, the AMOLED power so tremendous even the competitor Sony have their own technology on the display vividness named Triluminos Display. This tab S 8.4 getting the update Lollipop… Read more »

Sony Style at KLCC

  The most best ever store in Malaysia is Sony Style, located at Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. The store shows all product line from Sony Manufacturer and consumer have an advantages to try the product in real time, all Sony product available including their service centre. Any body came at the store can register as… Read more »

Caffebene Banana Waffle & Chocolate Shake

  Chill out on the weekend at the Bingsu popular cafe, Caffebene Jaya Shopping Centre, eating Banana and Blueberry Waffle with housemate, enjoying the place like Korean style cafe, its looks so gorgeous.

Mark & Spencer Tea and Biscuits

  Miss so much memories in London last year for master degree programme, I went to M&S Malaysia at KLCC for buying their Tea – mostly English Breakfast and Dark Chocolate Biscuit, the weird thing its looks so cheap in London rather convert the currency to RM, its look so big in money….oh my…..

Mi Xiaomi Powerbank Sale

  Its a good bargain when the manufacturer celebrate their anniversary this year, sale on the gadgets from Xiaomi take place when the bundle came with full of discount and happiness, Price at RM 178 for both Powerbank at 10400mAh and one 16000mAh battery for phones and tablets

Inspire Flash Card By Notewortie

  Lovely Inspire Flash Card made by Notewortie Store, Its consist of motivation flash card, Quotation and Advice. The message shows positive thinking for the unconfident peoples, moody and so on. The Flash card in the box came from the popular people quotes in the world mostly used to motivate people.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

  On April 10, 2015 was held an event at Mid Valley Megamall, The Avengers by Marvel shows their figurine to the public since the new movie came to the cinema. All the figurine act the heroes from various types of Marvel collection as Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, Hulks and so on.

Playstation 4 Glacier White

  Getting New Playstation 4 Glacier White was a wonderful day, your life seem cheering with love, adventure, magnificent dream and so on. Price at RM 1,549 inclusive of GST at Sony Store The Gardens Mid Valley Megamall.

IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

  The New Shopping Complex nearby Federal Government area in Putrajaya now open to the public, huge scale of megamall again take place in this city after Alamanda Putrajaya. Peoples around the neighbourhood will more invited with less of traffic jammed to the centre of Kuala Lumpur.

Selfie on Sony NEX F3

  This will happen when you used a DSLT as a selfie camera, not easy to focus on your face either use the timer or flip the display screen… enjoy..

Chill Out at Starbucks

  Chill out every weekend at good place like Starbucks will be a good choice, when a season come around, they will provided new flavor of the high quality arabica coffee instead drink a plain coffee or tea. Starbucks have taste of the quality of vanilla syrup into their beverage. Most likely the Java Chip… Read more »

LEGO Exhibition, Mid Valley Megamall

  LEGO Exhibition at Mid Valley Megamall on March 14, 2015 featuring LEGO City model at the centre of the event, LEGO also involve into kids activities, photography session and selling their product with a certain level of discount. Mainly the kids look so exited during the event.

Yellow Ukulele from Maybank Treat

  Maybank every year conduct an special event for their customer to redeem their debit and credit card point into a goods, but its limited to the total spend every year, accumulated from previous year point not expired if using this bankcard service. This Ukulele at the total point of 14500 point of Treatpoints.

The Robot From Wilkinson, London

  This 3 robots was buy at Wilkinson store in London, suppose the mechanism of this doll using the rubber string on the each of the part of their body. it can be strain and stress depend on the action. Price at 1 Pound each, available at Wilkinson Store nearby London, UK.

IKEA Warehouse Malaysia

  The most and the biggest warehouse store of IKEA Malaysia, located at Persiaran Surian, Damansara. Every Malaysian dream their home style made from IKEA, decoration from the professional designer in Sweden for home in tropical country. Catalogue of furniture product and activation member of IKEA Friends make every season having a promotion and discount even… Read more »

Hamleys London in Kuala Lumpur

  Hamleys the most famous UK toys store now available in Quill City Mall in Kuala Lumpur. Lots of London style toys including of bear, children play, London merchandise and so on. The store decorated in red color represent the Hamleys as the premium selling toys in Malaysia.

Sonystyle Miniature Model

  Just drop by at Suria KLCC on the weekend to see the students buying new accessories for their camera. Meanwhile, I already interested to the Miniature model of the ferris wheel, so I take my Sony NEX-F3 to take the shots. The lighting look to be in best condition which advantage to me to snap… Read more »

E-Curve at Night, Damansara

  Colorful light at the bazar at The Curve Damansara, which the stall at the bottom. The mall street experience the visitor with merchandise & souvenir. This place also offer many of kind of food from the eastern cuisine to the western dishes.

Comic N Toy Geek Fest

  On March 24, 2015 was held an exhibition of Comics and Toy of Heroes at Jaya Shopping Centre. Many of the figurines fighter came from the Manga series Anime and Marvel Heroes.The show involve of cost-play and stage presentation.

Plan B Mid Valley

  Having a great time at Plan B Mid Valley with housemate, ordering Hot Chocolate and Ice Cream Chocolate Drink including the Cheese Macaroni Ball. The food seem not very tasteful, but the place environment shows the epic of the western.

Cinnabon Bun Sunway Pyramid

  Cinnamon bun made by Cinnabon Bun outlet at Sunway Pyramid center court at price of RM 13.50 excluding of GST, taste embedded of chocolate cinnamon inside the bun feel so good. Why not try some at the outlets? Its will make you day great.

Sticky Candy Sunway Pyramid

  Sticky Candy was the one of expensive candy ever, came in tiny size with various of flavor and color, actually is not good for children where the sweet thing can damage their teeth for a short time. Meanwhile, special about this candy is the decoration inside the candy, you can see a picture of… Read more »

Starbucks 2015 Diary

  This Limited Edition Starbucks 2015 Diary came with 2 colors, Maroon and Green color, everybody can get this diary with 10 cups of normal beverages and plus 5 festive beverage, redemption can be made at the counter as the stock last

Sephora and L’Ocittance Birthday Gift

  When the birthday time is over but the giveaway still on, some of the outlets still giving their product as a giveaway to me, Sephora featuring Benefit product of women lipstick and eyelash mascara not suitable for me otherwise this product will throw away to my sister and mum, luckily at the next stop, hand… Read more »

SK-II Men Festive Season 2014

  When the Xmas come again in 2014, SK-II had their promotion on their product, but on year 2014, they manage to show the power of nature by signature a few flowers to the miracle water bottle design by classified the price and the item on the sale. Some of the sets have a good… Read more »

Derwent 24 Graphitint Color Pencils

  This is one of the most sensational color pencil from Derwent that show the feeling of darkness of art, the series of the color pencils show the dull and strength of the emotion through the drawing on the white piece of paper. Mesmerizing and fascinating rich of tones make the drawing so cool  

Magnum Kuala Lumpur

  Since it open on September 2014, many peoples came to this Ice Cream place for a luxury emotion, the brand Magnum make people impress on their passion and feeling, temptation of the taste was awesome.  

Derwent Featuring SK-II Men

  When Derwent Pencils with metallic color show their ability on the paper, the color such presenting the SK-II brand cosmetic for men to life. I love the presentation of the product with this low light photography  

Bingsu Oreo Cream

  Yummy Oreo Bingsu at Jaya Shopping Centre. The bingsu top-up with ice cream, oreo, cream, black beans, ice and milk.