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Bukhara Rice For Sahur

The are many tasteful of food in month of Ramadan 2016, mostly like the Nasi Bukhara Chicken at Syed Bistro for sure. This Rice actually taste very good along with the spice chicken and the sauce from the curry and Dhal. The vegetable inside the dal also very nice, the taste of eggplant make the… Read more »

Platinum Sentral, KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

When my job is to seeking new thing in engineering, me and my team member has been appointed to this place called Platinum Central at Kl Sentral for a general meeting on new development of engineering that offer new job to an engineering student for diplomas level. Here, we meet “PEMANDU” for the advice and… Read more »

Hepi Bestday Cousin 2016

The time has come to the day and before the Hari Raya 2016 celebration, celebrating my cousin bestday on the track, just a few thing is to find the Starbucks Coffee shop as a best place to celebrate. Just buy a few slice of cake and a beverage and that its…Luckily cousin doesn’t take advantage… Read more »

Angry Bird The Movie Full Decoration 2016

  Even the Angry Bird the Movie is over in June 2016, the kids still watching this movie for the school break in December 2016. Here I publish the delay photo of The Angry Bird the Movie Full Decoration for the launching event in Mid Valley Megamall. Luckily to see and capture the big bird… Read more »

P. Ramlee Legend of Malaysia Exhibition, NU Sentral

  Everybody born in Malaysia knows about P. Ramlee, he was an actor in old years day that have named for a great film for the Malaysia and Singapore. NU Sentral have been selected to represent all P. Ramlee art including the history of his film, fashion, his friends during shooting, timeline of his life… Read more »

[Back Into Memories]- Arowana & Goldfish 2008

  Love so much this event in 2008 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur for the Freshwater Fish Exhibition 2008. Ticket sell at RM 10 per head for this event. Lots of fish came from all pacific region take part into this, mostly arowana and goldfish for the competition.  The arowana can achieve million… Read more »

[Back Into Memories] – Kuala Lumpur 2008

  That not easy to take photos on motorcycle ride across Kuala Lumpur at the noon. Since the weather very clear I just with my housemate go around Kuala Lumpur for a special task and then I have tried to take photo during the ride, its seem not to easy to capture moving object which… Read more »

[Back Into Memories ] – Mid Valley Fashion Show 2007

  This photos taken on summer 2007 where Mid Valley Mega Mall presenting their event for the Fashion Week. The trending by Rufffey to the stage for the fashion show was awesome, all the models showing their new summer fashion during this event. In the 1st time I have used this Sony A200W with SAL75300… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Camera

  Do you remember this camera from Samsung which the 1st camera embedded with Android software. Samsung has made this feature to the point and shoot camera as a trial to the market but the adoption of this camera not to be the massive thing to be boom. The best is the camera is equipped… Read more »

Mid Valley – North Court Xmas Deco 2015

  At the other side of the Mid Valley Megamall, at the North Court presenting a giant decoration of Xmas 2015 including of the big pencils, service of wrapping present, decoration stall, ice cream and toys. At the centre was a tower of 3, which a soldier on the tower seeing the customer at the… Read more »

SK-II Premium Cosmetic Travel Bag

  Luckily to have this cosmetic travel bag from SK-II counter at Mid Valley Megamall on the previous promotion at the centre court, this bag only available during the promotion period at the price of RM 178 including the Color Set inside the bag. The color set also came with mask, cleanser, CC Cream and… Read more »

White Xmas Deco 2015 at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

  The white xmas come again at Pavilion Shopping Centre at Star Hill, Kuala Lumpur. This year they come with a large xmas tree made by Swarovski that worth RM 700, 000 as reported in any news and blogs around Kuala Lumpur. You also can experience snow show at the entrance of the mall at… Read more »

Starbucks Mooncake – Apricot Caramel Latte

  What a delicious mooncake that made from apricot with caramel latte, the big eggs yolk doesn’t seem taste like eggs but the flavor of apricot really make my day. This most expensive moon cake made by Starbucks when you top up RM 200, you can get this for free including of fashionable bag which… Read more »

Midnight Bingsu at Caffeebene

  Its already late night last week with my cousin at Jaya Shopping Centre to find a battery numbered of 1620, size of calculator battery, luckily found at nearest watch shop inside the mall, price hikes at RM 10 per battery, Ok nevermind as long I get the battery for the iHealth Align device. Then… Read more »

Chicken Chop Full HD, Segamat funny when at my hometown we have the Chicken Chop named Chicken Chop Full HD, why full HD? the answer is the price of the Chicken chop at RM 10.80, so then is named as full HD Chicken. The taste look normal but the main thing is not the food but the surrounding… Read more »

Segamat Town Centre, Johor

  The town center at night be good to visit at the shopping center at my hometown, bring family to buy home stuff including kitchen goods and so on. My mum mostly like to buy something for the family like raw meats, vegetable and the seafood. The next day will be the best cause mum… Read more »

Sony A-Mount Lens SAL30M35

  Superb bokeh of the tremendous Sony Alpha Prime Lense of SAL30M35 which able to capture a macro view of an object near more than 1cm range even in low light condition. No need of tripod to eliminate shaking and blur photos. Recommended to the fanatics of small world of DSLR, more fancy experience can… Read more »

Magnum Ice Creams Exhibition

  The Ice Cream is to big to handle, huge enough to see the most temptation ice cream promotion ever made, once again Magnum Ice Cream selling the huge number of premium ice cream with discount and giveaway, the consumer can buy at least 2 box of Magnum and be able to handcraft their own… Read more »

Macbook Unibody in Yellow Case

  When the old Macbook Unibody have the new case, looks so new even the product still maintain its luxury identity to the public, the case buy at one of the popular friend in facebook at a price of RM 60 including the keyboard and screen protector. Awesome bargain.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

  The New Samsung Tab S 8.4 with LTE connection was awesome product. The color gamut looks so mesmerizing, cannot compare with other LED display in market, the AMOLED power so tremendous even the competitor Sony have their own technology on the display vividness named Triluminos Display. This tab S 8.4 getting the update Lollipop… Read more »

Caffebene Banana Waffle & Chocolate Shake

  Chill out on the weekend at the Bingsu popular cafe, Caffebene Jaya Shopping Centre, eating Banana and Blueberry Waffle with housemate, enjoying the place like Korean style cafe, its looks so gorgeous.

Mark & Spencer Tea and Biscuits

  Miss so much memories in London last year for master degree programme, I went to M&S Malaysia at KLCC for buying their Tea – mostly English Breakfast and Dark Chocolate Biscuit, the weird thing its looks so cheap in London rather convert the currency to RM, its look so big in money….oh my…..

Inspire Flash Card By Notewortie

  Lovely Inspire Flash Card made by Notewortie Store, Its consist of motivation flash card, Quotation and Advice. The message shows positive thinking for the unconfident peoples, moody and so on. The Flash card in the box came from the popular people quotes in the world mostly used to motivate people.

Selfie on Sony NEX F3

  This will happen when you used a DSLT as a selfie camera, not easy to focus on your face either use the timer or flip the display screen… enjoy..

LEGO Exhibition, Mid Valley Megamall

  LEGO Exhibition at Mid Valley Megamall on March 14, 2015 featuring LEGO City model at the centre of the event, LEGO also involve into kids activities, photography session and selling their product with a certain level of discount. Mainly the kids look so exited during the event.

Yellow Ukulele from Maybank Treat

  Maybank every year conduct an special event for their customer to redeem their debit and credit card point into a goods, but its limited to the total spend every year, accumulated from previous year point not expired if using this bankcard service. This Ukulele at the total point of 14500 point of Treatpoints.

The Robot From Wilkinson, London

  This 3 robots was buy at Wilkinson store in London, suppose the mechanism of this doll using the rubber string on the each of the part of their body. it can be strain and stress depend on the action. Price at 1 Pound each, available at Wilkinson Store nearby London, UK.