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Innisfree Line Friends Free Gift

  In the conjunction with LINE,Innisfree having their promotion for the month of April with free gift of series of Innisfree Limited Edition bottle and bag of green tea series for saving the earth. The Eco friendly version of this limited edition can be free when you purchase Innisfree product worth RM 210 and above… Read more »

Innisfree Fermented Soybean Series

  Above is the one of the series skincare from Innisfree which came from the fermented Soybean as the essence and cream. Both the essence bottle have different quantities of fermented soybean for the both dry and oily skin. For the oily fermented soybean, the total amount of the fermented extract is about 90% and… Read more »

Unboxing Playstation 3 Superslim Model CECH-4306C

  This is the latest model of Sony Playstation 3 CECH-4306C for the Asian region which consist of 1 Game Controller, Console (Super Slim Model) and 500GB storage. I unboxing this Playstation 3 that can be seen on my video and my photo. I’m very excited to have the new one, the old one still… Read more »

Arizona Assorted Drinks

  Do you want a low sugar can drinks you can select this Arizona brand of zero calorie flavor drink for good. The can also very big enough to be drink by one person, but seem its likely to be in the hot day or summer, this can be done in few minutes, thirsty all… Read more »

Hot Wheel EPIC, New Track Promotion, Sunway Pyramid

  Once again Hot Wheel presenting their promotion for the new model tracks at Sunway Pyramid Court. Here, there a various of new model can be seen for demonstrating to the public and to the media. There will be a media conference at 3.00 pm and the public can buy the latest model track and… Read more »

Etude House New Product – Collagen Cream

  This new product series from Etude House have a moisture durability strengthening cream with Super Collagen water and Baobab Oil that fills your skin with moisture. The particle in the moistfull Collagen always keep skin hydrated and leave skin feeling like jelly. This cream is soft, its contact on skin is firm and hydrates… Read more »

The Gardens Mall CNY 2016 Decoration

  Always be the different from others, The Gardens mall always preparing something luxurious and very meaningful environmental of celebration of CNY 2016 this year. The color of the red wash all other color at this decoration for the season. Blossom tree so big with the fascinating lanterns, the green vase and the peacock make… Read more »

Clinique Facial Brush System – Skin Changer

  Clinique have made a best solution for skincare to their innovative facial brush system which its come into a special pack of skincare product and can be re-chargeable through USB port and can be used in the water for cleaning purpose. The brush system not using the rotation brush but using a speed of… Read more »

SK-II New Year 2016 Promotion

  I’m searching for the New Bottle of FTE at the promotion event at Mid Valley Megamall, but unluckily the bottle is out of stock, I pretty late to buy the Limited Edition Chinese New Year (Phoenix) bottle for 230ml FTE with free 215 ml Toner at the promotion price of RM 620. The promoter… Read more »

Premium Ball Watch Promotion, Mid Valley

  Luxury and Premium watch by Ball at the centre court of Mid Valley Megamall. The premium watch inclusive the technology of night reading evolution, Springlock which for anti-shock system, A-Proof for anti magnetic system, embedded temperature measurement (TMT), Cold temperature endurance, water resistance, crown protection system and folding buckle system. The price started from… Read more »

Paul Frank by Innisfree

  Love Monkey!!! You might love Paul Frank. Collaboration with Innisfree for the New Year 2016 celebration was awesome. Since the merchandise from paul Frank is quite expensive, getting its for free is a really a bargain to have. with purchase of Innisfree above RM 200, you are eligible to get this Paul Frank Bag… Read more »

MilkCow Banana Parfaits, Sunway Pyramid

  Thanks again to The Face Shop The Curve for the free coupon to the Milk Cow Ice Cream Store for free. The coupon ended 31 January 2016 and I decided to find somewhere the Milk Cow store at Sunway Pyramid. Its at lower ground 2 and lovely booth with all white decoration. If you… Read more »

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask

  As I said before, I just waiting for the Jeju Clay Mask Mousse version to be complete the set of Clay Series from Innisfree, Price at RM 70 per bottle, the mousse really nice and soft, deeply go to your skin to prevent the sebum from inside to be the blackhead and whitehead to… Read more »

SK-II Men Hugo Boss

  The limited Edition of SK-II Men Set featuring Boss Hugo Boss Perfume inside a one box at the price of RM 315 inclusive at Mid Valley Megamall, available on SK-II counter in mall or other places in Kuala Lumpur. Its consist of 75ml of Facial Treatment Essence and 30 ml of Boss Hugo Boss… Read more »

Copa de Malaysia Tournament 2016

  Once again this Copa de Malaysia event was held at Jaya Shopping Centre for the second time for this year 2016. The sport like a judo fighting made by the continent of Latin country to Malaysia. You can see live at the mall as free, no need to buy ticket cause its a public… Read more »

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Series

  At last but not really complete with the last clay mousse for the Innisfree Clay Volcanic Series, as seen in the photo there are a lots of innisfree series of product that concentrate into a special treatment, likely for pore, anti-ageing, brightening and so on. This clay is concentrate on pore care for most… Read more »

Mystical By Fazura – Mist & Merchandise

  By the name of an actress in Malaysia, Fazura was a beautiful women that have talent in acting, she also have a lots of controversy in her live, so by then lets talk about her product, she have a store in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One of my housemate is very like her so… Read more »

Panasonic Beauty Series

  At last all Panasonic Beauty already buy on the season greeting and New year sale, got lots of discount on all facial gadget buy. This is the most important facial gadget from Panasonic need to be buy for having a good skincare rather than use cosmetics cream, essence, lotion and so on. This devices… Read more »

Panasonic Pore Cleanser

  Hate blackhead? Why not try this Panasonic Facial Pore Cleanser, easy using this kind of facial gadget to sucked of all the blackhead and whitehead mostly at the difficult area around nose,ear and eyes. This pore cleanser also provided with rechargeable battery for easy use and water resistance base product and can be washable…. Read more »

Innisfree Orchid Petal & Seed

  At last this Orchid Series has come to Innisfree Malaysia Store through their official store in Sunway Pyramid, Paradigm Mall and Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. This high concentrate of Orchids flavour for flawless and anti-ageing cream including of eye cream, enriched cream, intense cream, massage cream  and gel cream with free miniature travel kit (3… Read more »

Borghese Fango Active Mud For Face And Body

  The signature and classic Fango Active is a one-and-only, must-have, mineral-rich mud. It’s a sensational step beyond everyday clean. Derived from traditional Tuscan treatments, its deep-down purifying power purges and minimizes pores. It exfoliates and helps surface cell turnover, imparting clarity. It hydrates and firms reducing fine lines and providing smooth, toned texture. Infused with… Read more »

Panasonic Warming Facial & Body Roller

  This is another invention make Panasonic for facial treatment which its come in roller base gadget. This is one of the many range in Panasonic Beauty gadgets, you need to collect at least 4 of this gadgets including steamer, putter, blackhead and whitehead sucker and other remaining product from Panasonic. This Warming Facial &… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy A5 – Not 1 but 2

  I already been trap by the prosperity burger at the McDonald’s by my cousin, which he had a planned to trick me on the day. He trap me into the gadget world again, I said “No” and refuse to buy any new thing of something sound “Electronic” again. So I make a deal, pay… Read more »

Sony A3500J DSLT with SEL1850

  Welcome the new entry camera into my family, introducing the very lightweight Sony camera ever, equipped with SEL1850 lens kit make the camera look very trendy and professional. This the lowest entry of SOny DLST camera in the market with APS-C CMOS sensor HD with total 20.4 MPixel. Price at RM 1199 and only… Read more »

Borghese Fango Mud

  Do you having trying this kind of mud? This is Fango from Borghese which made from nature mud for masking and peeling, the smell also very good and very pleasant to your face. This jar filled with 212 gram of mud which being the signature product of Borghese. Selling in Malaysia just RM 65… Read more »

Panasonic Beauty – Facial Cool Putter

  No need to take ice from the fridge anymore for your face, to reduce pore size just using this Panasonic Cool Putter is easy in a few minutes. The result is very tremendous, you can feel your face so cool down by the thin layer of putter which cool out all the pore to… Read more »

Innisfree Green Tea Collection

  At last,I have collect all Innisfree Green Tea Collection for my facial treatment, It’s good when the ingredient of the innisfree product can be used to my skin without any irritation, the smell also very good, specially used at night. The cream from the green tea seed also make face smooth and shiny, like… Read more »

Innisfree Green Tea Series

  So funny when the promoter at the Innisfree store asking me like this ” I always see you came here recently to buy this product, you like it so much ha”. Me laughing and reply her answer with some reason why I always come to the store and she understand what I’m doing there…. Read more »

Damyang Bamboo Soothing

  Need a peace sleep every night, use this Damyang Bamboo Soothing Gel for sure, put on your face and neck, a few of gel can soothing your skin freshly every night. Price at RM 25 per jar at the Face Shop, any Face Shop around Malaysia. This Soothing Gel is 99% extract from the… Read more »

Innisfree – New Skincare Come to Life

  Since the Innisfree came to my life, this product is the one of most Korean Women and Men used as a skincare. The technology from the skincare expert in Korea can be the same compare to the skincare from Japan. Having try to mix both Japan product SK-II and Innisfree can get the tremendous… Read more »

Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer

  Since I already take care of my face skin, why not I invest a few gadget for a good reason to get the maximum protection from blackhead and whitehead. This Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer price   is at RM 529 retail, but luckily I always keep browsing the internet for a best price, I… Read more »

Innisfree Bija Trouble Skin

  Acne one of the enemy on our face right, mostly people either man or women have the problem with acne on their face. Innisfree have made a solution by using a “Bija” or in other word is called as nutmeg or in malay we called as Buah Pala. The fruit have a scent of… Read more »

Innisfree Jeju & Super Volcanic Clay Mask

  This is an awesome product from Korea, manufactured by Innisfree. The Innisfree Jeju & Super Volcanic Clay Mask can minimize your pore and sebum reproduction through the treatment by this clay. Jeju clay have a light surface and the Super Volcanic have a dark clay for the oily skin problem. Since I have only… Read more »

SK-II Starter Pack For Beginner

  No more secret about SK-II when some of my friends show their interest to have some, so very delightful to have some talk which they need to be consult, taken a new thing as SK-II Pitera Essence was a good beginning to prevent aging to the skin, mostly to the face. As a begineer,… Read more »

The Starbucks Reserve Store – One and Only

  After the renovation of old store at Mid Valley The Gardens Mall, this store became a “Reserve” for a premium store that serve a premium Starbucks Limited Edition Coffee brewing. The store now have the old school type of coffee brewing machine, which consumer can experience the original taste to coffee brewing. This store… Read more »

Lets Shooting a Unboxing

  Some of the people like to unboxing something like gadget, cosmetic, goods and so on. They need some of the equipment to be used to get the best shoot of the unboxing process. Since I don’t have many accessories to use to capture the unboxing process, I just using a small and larger tripod… Read more »

SK-II Festive Edition 2015 – Set of Color, Iconic & More

  The promotion came again this year with more discount and free gift. The photo show the SK-II product at a price of RM 2500+ before discount and become RM 1420 after discount. The set including the Iconic Set at RM 620, Colour Set at RM 187 each with free Cosmetic and Travel Bag. Free… Read more »

iHealth Align:Gluco Test

  iHealth again made my day with their very innovative of Healthcare gadgets, this the new iHealth Align to measure Gluco-Monitoring System which fast, accurate and compact. Automatically logs reading, view standard overtime and easily share result over internet dan social media.Its come with  the Glucose meter, lancing devices, lancets, and etcs.Price at RM 89… Read more »

New ASUS ZenFone 2

  Finally the arrival of new ASUS Zenfone 2 was great. This version came with new processor from Intel corp with minimal battery drain. Come in red color as in the photo, the storage at 8GB with 2 GB of RAM including of 13 Megapixel of back camera and 5 Megapixel of selfie camera, so… Read more »

Seattle Space Needle – LEGO Architecture

  The smallest built of Seattle Space Needle from Lego Architecture at the Price of RM 99 seem not be affordable cause by the a few pieces of lego inside the box. Its take a few time to build this building, not to adventurous like Paris Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa which the architecture… Read more »

Jaya Shopping Centre Dance Performance

  Since the Hari Raya is near next week on Friday, many of the shopping centre keep their marketing to the top, lots of traditional performance take place after 8.00pm in every shopping mall across Kuala Lumpur. This performance showing by the group of expert in traditional dancing, mostly the dance culture is from state… Read more »

Virgin Mojito by Bodyshops

  Once again Bodyshop showing their new flavour of natural ingredients of Lime called as Virgin Mojito, its consist of Natural Lime and Peppermint. The package come with shower gel, cologne, butter, body polish and so on. Other product also have discount up to 30%

Balle Live Shows

  After the iftar the mall present a live band from Balle Classic Performance featuring classic song from the 40s, 50s and 60s era of Saloma and P.Ramlee, the singer named Zana. The performance live show duration is 30 minutes after the iftar, starting from 8.00pm to 8.30pm  

Bodyshop Sale

  When the shop have lots of discount in the coming month, all peoples came to the store with some extra privilege being a member, they top-up more discount to the product.. seem others from the relative have to join for the bargain, why not take all the product and pay some money

Bodyshop – Drop of Youth

  This Bodyshop concentrate used to enhancing the skin for smoother looking inside and outside. This product sell at RM 200+ at any Bodyshop store, the effect on the skin show within a night, the smell also so good and its came in 50ml bottle.

Playstation 4 Glacier White

  Getting New Playstation 4 Glacier White was a wonderful day, your life seem cheering with love, adventure, magnificent dream and so on. Price at RM 1,549 inclusive of GST at Sony Store The Gardens Mid Valley Megamall.