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Heart Made Candy, Bangkok, Thailand

  Very excited to received this kind of candy from housemate with the Starbucks Tumblr, this candy shows its made from heart (mainly true of the heart expression creating handcraft candy)..hahaha..something like that. The 3 packs of candy consist of flavor of Mangosteen, Durian and Mango. Very tropical flavor from South East Asia, the candy… Read more »

Starbucks Chiangmai, Thailand

  Thanks you again for the Starbucks Tumblr from Chiangmai from my housemate, he was going to Thailand for a short vacation with his friends for the Songkran festival. This green tea color Starbucks Tumblr was very impressive, along with the tumblr is the elephant doll. Since I don’t have any free time to have… Read more »

Thailand Premium Starbucks Tumbler, Xmas 2015

  This is the best ever gift I get for this year, the Starbucks Premium Tumbler from Thailand. The tumbler come with premium built which the top of the tumbler have a gold ring cover between the tumbler cup and its body. Then, inside the plastic body, decoration of Xmas season greeting in green color… Read more »

Starbucks Thailand Tumbler

  In the Xmas month this year, another gift from Thailand Starbucks also get into my door, I’m so happy to have this Pattaya and Phuket Tumbler  including the Xmas red bag and small purse. The big red bag look very nice and very festive to the celebration of Xmas. Not only it’s came with a special… Read more »

Black Canyon Coffee Mug

  Not only tumbler what I get from Thailand, the Mug from Black Canyon also being send to me here by my friend. They also come with the original bon coffee in a small packet for me to try out. The coffee later I put into my French Press Coffee and pour the hot water… Read more »

Black Canyon Coffee Tumbler

  Thank you very much for the huge visitor that came to this photography website. I’m very proud so much to review something to other, mainly not profits but to knowledge people about something good and something not or something else. In the time being, getting a gift from somebody also a good thing to… Read more »