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Papa John Pizza

  Not many people came to this Pizza Restaurant inside Sunway Pyramid Mall maybe cause by the price tag or the types of meal. As long the meal for me is normal taste and little bit pricey. Luckily their deserts likely to be the different from others, not too sweet and not too sour, just fine… Read more »

Heart Made Candy, Bangkok, Thailand

  Very excited to received this kind of candy from housemate with the Starbucks Tumblr, this candy shows its made from heart (mainly true of the heart expression creating handcraft candy)..hahaha..something like that. The 3 packs of candy consist of flavor of Mangosteen, Durian and Mango. Very tropical flavor from South East Asia, the candy… Read more »

Dobuyo Mid Valley, Chicken Sondobu

  Dobuyo seem make me crazy to having Korean food always, their food mainly Sondobu really make my stomach hungry if I’m going to Mid Valley megamall. Then, for this time I decided to choose another chicken Sondobu for the dinner. The chicken Sondobu really good but the beef is far better for the Sondobu… Read more »

Spring Summer at Mid Valley

  When the spring season at the beginning came to the month of April, Mid Valley megamall has developed such a fantastic decoration for the spring, lots of flowers on the centre court to the east atrium, north court and south court. There are like blooming in the megamall like to be colorful paradise. Free… Read more »

Innisfree Fermented Soybean Series

  Above is the one of the series skincare from Innisfree which came from the fermented Soybean as the essence and cream. Both the essence bottle have different quantities of fermented soybean for the both dry and oily skin. For the oily fermented soybean, the total amount of the fermented extract is about 90% and… Read more »

New Bottle New Fragrance – Victoria Secret

  Victoria Secret have redesign their mist fragrance bottle to be round and tall including changing the top of the bottle. Now the bottle look more gold than before and they also presenting new fragrance and so on. Each of the bottle seem have same quantity of fragrance, but it look like the total fragrance… Read more »

Innisfree New Product 2016

  This year Innisfree have introduce new item at the store including of brightening lotion, hair serum and foot scrub wash. I love the foot scrub which the flavor is very refreshing to my entire foot, the scrub can be use to remove dirt on the foot skin. The hair serum seem likely same to… Read more »

Tino’s Pizza Express, Nexus Bangsar South

  Here at Nexus Bangsar South, I had a dinner with housemate at Tino’s Pizza. Since never ate this kind of pizza before, we decided to have a try. They have a single meal and a set of pax of 2 and above. We choose the set meal of pax of 2 at RM 59.00… Read more »

Mango Aloha Malaysia, Mid Valley

  Once again I went to this cafe for the dessert of mango banana taste and its named of “First & Sago”. Price at RM 10.50 each and the taste is very delicious. Combination of mango, banana, kiwi, strawberry and sago with custard cream very tempting my mouth at all. They also have a smoothies,ice… Read more »

Dobu Dobu or Dobuyo, Mid Valley Megamall

  When the Weekend come, I likely to stay at home to relax and update my photo website for sure, but my housemate want to spend the time ada Dobu Dobu or other name is Dobuyo, located at underground floor of Mid Valley Megamall shopping center. I likely to eat Korean food include of beef… Read more »

Flower Shop at MARA

  Badly my booth showing our project at MARA building is opposite this Flower Shop. the owner selling huge of flower for gift and decoration purpose, the price look very nicely, but my home have no place to put that kind of vase actually. Meanwhile, the decoration for anniversary bear seem very popular in Malaysia,… Read more »

Baker Station – Nasi Lemak Rendang

  Since very hard to find lunch place around this area, mostly on the noon, me and my friends need to go to the mall again, finding a food court at the top of the mall. At last only rice shop selling various of food find at Baker Station. The price is extremely expensive due… Read more »

Etude House New Product – Collagen Cream

  This new product series from Etude House have a moisture durability strengthening cream with Super Collagen water and Baobab Oil that fills your skin with moisture. The particle in the moistfull Collagen always keep skin hydrated and leave skin feeling like jelly. This cream is soft, its contact on skin is firm and hydrates… Read more »

Giant Monkey at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

  Once again after the Xmas 2015, Pavilion present its super large size of Chinese New Year 2016 decoration presenting the gold Monkey at the centre of the mall. It’s surrounded with small booth selling Chinese Merchandise for the celebration including paper crafting, calligraphy, flower, credit card promotion from sponsored bank and also a photo… Read more »

Korean Taste at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

  Saturday night sometimes quite boring to stay at home, so lets go to Pavillion Kuala Lumpur for a Korean taste at the Food Republic section. My friends spend me a mug of Korean Beef Soup, forgot already the menu name, don’t worry at least the photos can show the thing inside the soup, very… Read more »

Mango Aloha Mid Valley

  1st time having this Mango Cafe at Mid Valley after taking photos both CNY2016 at both Mall, so chill out at the cafe for a few time eating something called “Mango” thing here. The cafe named “Mango Aloha Malaysia ” which served all kind of mango thing, including smoothies and desserts. Price is affordable… Read more »

Mid Valley North Court CNY 2016

  All most a month I’m late to update this website, event the CNY 2016 already over, the photos seem not yet been review by me. So, here a a few photos from the Mid Valley North Court decoration on this year Chinese New Year 2016. There are so many lanterns, goldfish everywhere inside this… Read more »

Rasa Utara Mid Valley

  Why always Rasa Utara? been here many time this year to have dinner or lunch at this Restaurant. Nothing special about it, just a Malay Traditional Food can be served here. Might be the hot and spicy thing can be found here. The price also not cheap like the normal stall and so on…. Read more »

Starbucks Cafe Sunway Pyramid

  Long time not having Starbuck for a few weeks. Busy working at the office also need to be take attention on the Project that will be presented at PWTC on 18th to 20th of February 2016. Only in the weekend the time was looks slow and which I need to cheer out with somebody…. Read more »

Kenny Rogers Roaster, Kl Sentral

  This photo taken in the middle of January 2016, which I had a dinner with cousin at Kenny Rogers Roaster. Later, I need to go to the ERL Transit to Cyberjaya for a short courses into the Master Trainer of Entrepreneurship. With ERL the journey only takes 15 minutes from KL Sentral to Putrajaya… Read more »

New Starbucks Flavour for Chinese New Year 2016

  This Chinese New Year 2016, Starbuck offer a new flavour at the cafe including of Chestnut White Chocolate Truffle and Strawberry Red Velvet Mocha. I really like it both flavour, rich in coffee and chocolate but need to less sweet in this beverage, mostly ice blended version otherwise I need to take other like… Read more »

Sunway Pyramid Chinese New Year Deco 2016

  Sunway pyramid is doing early thing to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2016 this year, with collaboration with the Panda Movie, the decoration of Monkey is lost rather than showing lots of panda at the stage for the decoration.Background of old Chinese building with a cute bridge. Visitor can taking photo using sponsored photo… Read more »

MilkCow Banana Parfaits, Sunway Pyramid

  Thanks again to The Face Shop The Curve for the free coupon to the Milk Cow Ice Cream Store for free. The coupon ended 31 January 2016 and I decided to find somewhere the Milk Cow store at Sunway Pyramid. Its at lower ground 2 and lovely booth with all white decoration. If you… Read more »

Which The Best Cleanser? Any Suggestions

  Which the best cleanser?Any suggestions need to be care of. As from the photos, many of my cleanser are from the east which I mean it came from Korea, Japan and so on. Just a few came from UK and Europe like Bodyshops and Garnier. Basically all of this cleanser is like a food… Read more »

Rasa Utara, Mid Valley Megamall

  Rasa Utara is popular of its Chicken Lagenda always made Malaysian Traditional food very delicious among other food including fast food and soon. For this time I would like to taste other menu or meal for dinner and decided to choose the beef rendang and the Chicken with Chili paste. As seen on the… Read more »

Lovely Lace Scent Candle

  I’m very pleasent to have this candle for my room, mostly the scent from vanilla and strawberry, but I mostly like the Lavender scent is more peaceful for me. Since Lovely Lace doesn’t sell the Lavender candle, just strawberry and vanilla for xmas, so I decided to buy them, luckily both of the candle… Read more »

Nippon Paint Tree at E-Curve

  The giant xmas tree made by Nippon Paint for the xmas 2015, located at the curve square between the e-curve mall and the curve mall. The xmas tree with 10 metre high made by paint cans decorate with such a lighting and support by the 5 large monsters (Nippon Paint Trademark).Nippon Paint the coating… Read more »

Vivo at The Curve

  Hungry, hungry and hungry again, so any suggestion to eat for dinner. Vivo restaurant near The Curve have the answer to your appetite. They served various of western food including chicken roaster and spaghetti for dinner, the beverage mostly the best came from Filipino Mango Juice, very fruity juicy taste, can’t say about it,… Read more »

Innisfree Green Tea Collection

  At last,I have collect all Innisfree Green Tea Collection for my facial treatment, It’s good when the ingredient of the innisfree product can be used to my skin without any irritation, the smell also very good, specially used at night. The cream from the green tea seed also make face smooth and shiny, like… Read more »

The Face Shop Sale, Mid Valley Megamall

  Fanatics of Fruit taste make the way to The Face Shop, on my head just wanna to find the eye cream, any eye cream that have smell or taste of a fruit, not like argan oil or olive, the bad smell I can hold whole day, mainly the virgin type of oil, headache. One… Read more »