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Starbucks Rewards Card Album

Suddenly after being see the dance I would like to have some coffee blended at Starbuck Store nearby and redeem a free Starbuck Card Album if available, for redemption you need 15 beverage including the promotional beverage, last time only consist 12 beverage for redemption, but now its 15. The competition to take the limited… Read more »

Hepi Bestday Cousin 2016

The time has come to the day and before the Hari Raya 2016 celebration, celebrating my cousin bestday on the track, just a few thing is to find the Starbucks Coffee shop as a best place to celebrate. Just buy a few slice of cake and a beverage and that its…Luckily cousin doesn’t take advantage… Read more »

Yummy Krispy Kreme

Love the Krispy Kreme Doughnut for sure.Even its expensive doughnut, the taste can’t be compared to other brand. Luckily if you buy more, you will get extra doughnut for sure. Make sure you ate not too much cause its very sugar food to be. Better buy a dark chocolate doughnut to eliminate sugar in your… Read more »

Limited Edition Starbucks Raya 2016 Cup

  This is the 1st time Starbucks have made a special cup for Hari Raya 2016 Celebration. The cup is very nicely design with Malays Traditional pattern on the cup body, green color make its very awesome. Only one design has been made for this and the cup holder also has been use as same… Read more »

Assam Tea Set by Bodum

  Not easy to find Bodum Tea Set in Malaysia, likely to be at mega store around Kuala Lumpur, luckily found at Metrojaya Mid Valley Megamall since I see in London which the price is more cheaper and not easy to bring home to Malaysia. So I decided to buy in Malaysia, the price likely… Read more »

Pancake House International

  When a store selling a dish with maple syrup it might be served with a pancake for the meal. The one and only store in Mid Valley mega mall have a many stages of pancakes sizes for the customer to eat if they come to the store. But, I likely more to order a… Read more »

Secret Recipe Segamat with Family

  Go home at my hometown in Segamat for the holiday of Labour Day in May 2016. So chill out with the family member to the Secret Recipe Segamat for dinner. My mother likely to eat chicken chop, her favorite after all and the remaining eating Lasagna, burgers and others. In Segamat town Secret Recipe… Read more »

Starbucks IOI City Mall

  One again after visiting the MAEPS for the Job Fair in Serdang, Selangor, the taste of Caramel Macchiaato and the Java Chip make my day, since the hot day cause by the El-Nino in Malaysia, the time at 12 Noon feel so hot and humidity to the environment, feel sweat and uncomfortable. Chill out… Read more »

Caffebene Bingsu for 4, Sunway Pyramid

  After finishing our lunch at Chicken Rice Shop, later after 30 minutes walking, we having a cold thing at caffebene for sure. A big Bingsu for the member to be eat. I have select 4 types of my favorite bingsu ever including of Green Tea Bingsu, Brownie Bingsu, Pat Bingsu and Oreo Chocolate Bingsu,… Read more »

Dr Cafe – Ice Mocha Frappuccino

  Since I can’t find any Starbucks store here at Premiera Building, only available coffee store is Dr Cafe, What, Dr Cafe? Never heard before until I ordered a Frappuccino which can get 1 free 1 at the venti size only. The coffee seem so strong with the chocolate and the whipped cream also not… Read more »

Sunway Putra Mall CNY 2016 Decor

  I have an exhibition at PWTC for the Malaysian Technology Expo in February 2016, so I decided to stay at the nearby hotel that embedded with a shopping mall. On the 1st day of exhibition ending at 5.00pm, later I and my student went to this mall, they still have the CNY 2016 decor… Read more »

Starbucks Cafe Sunway Pyramid

  Long time not having Starbuck for a few weeks. Busy working at the office also need to be take attention on the Project that will be presented at PWTC on 18th to 20th of February 2016. Only in the weekend the time was looks slow and which I need to cheer out with somebody…. Read more »

Pat Bingsu at Caffebene Sunway Pyramid

  After having a Hot and Roll at the Lower Ground Floor of the mall, later I go to the Caffebene at the 1st Floor to have a Bingsu, select the Pat Bingsu which the original bingsu from korea, the original flavour made from a red bean and flour on the top of the Ice… Read more »

New Starbucks Flavour for Chinese New Year 2016

  This Chinese New Year 2016, Starbuck offer a new flavour at the cafe including of Chestnut White Chocolate Truffle and Strawberry Red Velvet Mocha. I really like it both flavour, rich in coffee and chocolate but need to less sweet in this beverage, mostly ice blended version otherwise I need to take other like… Read more »

Starbucks The Gardens Mall, Borders Bookstore

  After having such a hot and spicy thing at Rasa Utara, I and my housemate going to other places inside the biggest shopping mall in Malaysia, The Gardens mall for taking a sweet beverage to reduce the hot of chilli on my tongue. Unfortunately, the Starbucks Reserve on the 2nd floor is full, and… Read more »

E-Curve Xmas Deco 2015

  At last we can see the next decor from the E-Curve Mall that showing their presentation for Xmas 2015. They have decorate such a small store for the merchant to sell their goods for xmas 2015. The expression from a shop in france style coffee cafe can we see from the stage created by… Read more »

Thailand Premium Starbucks Tumbler, Xmas 2015

  This is the best ever gift I get for this year, the Starbucks Premium Tumbler from Thailand. The tumbler come with premium built which the top of the tumbler have a gold ring cover between the tumbler cup and its body. Then, inside the plastic body, decoration of Xmas season greeting in green color… Read more »

Starbucks Thailand Tumbler

  In the Xmas month this year, another gift from Thailand Starbucks also get into my door, I’m so happy to have this Pattaya and Phuket Tumbler  including the Xmas red bag and small purse. The big red bag look very nice and very festive to the celebration of Xmas. Not only it’s came with a special… Read more »

Black Canyon Coffee Mug

  Not only tumbler what I get from Thailand, the Mug from Black Canyon also being send to me here by my friend. They also come with the original bon coffee in a small packet for me to try out. The coffee later I put into my French Press Coffee and pour the hot water… Read more »

T & Co Coffee, Mid Valley Megamall

  Like Coffee? Why not try this T & Co Coffee Mousse at Mid Valley extension bridge between The Gardens Mall and mid Valley Megamall, they offers buy 1 free 1 beverage at a price of RM 15.90 per cup beverage. So I decided to take the Chocolate Coffee Mousse Ice Blended including the free… Read more »