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The Gardens Mall Raya 2016 Decor

The Gardens Mall Mid Valley have something to show for their Hari Raya 2016 Decoration to the public, they have preview of Malaysian Traditional Songket garment to the public, from the pillow to the garment that can wear by the all peoples for the celebration of Hari raya 2016 this year. The decoration also previewing… Read more »

Mid Valley Raya 2016 Decor

  The very tremendous decoration ever in Kuala Lumpur is at Mid Valley Megamall Shopping Centre. Introducing of the Malays Villages inside the shopping mall with natural batik environment on the rooftop of the decor. There are a few malays house have been built in the mall for the celebration. Each of the house is… Read more »

Jaya Shopping Centre – Raya 2016 Deco

  I’m sorry to all that I’m not be able to update this website regularly due to workload at the office even in the weekend. I take me so lazy to open the administrative menu and select the menus for the new article, by the way if I have time, I will try my best… Read more »

Angry Bird The Movie Full Decoration 2016

  Even the Angry Bird the Movie is over in June 2016, the kids still watching this movie for the school break in December 2016. Here I publish the delay photo of The Angry Bird the Movie Full Decoration for the launching event in Mid Valley Megamall. Luckily to see and capture the big bird… Read more »

NU Sentral Hari Raya Deco 2016

  Its already near to Xmas 2016, but I still out to date to update my website again, headache of busy work everyday cause me so tired and just updating my facebook page recently than this website. I feel so sorry to the visitor here and I hope progressively update this website for the future… Read more »

Assam Tea Set by Bodum

  Not easy to find Bodum Tea Set in Malaysia, likely to be at mega store around Kuala Lumpur, luckily found at Metrojaya Mid Valley Megamall since I see in London which the price is more cheaper and not easy to bring home to Malaysia. So I decided to buy in Malaysia, the price likely… Read more »

Harvey Norman Home Electrical Sale

  Conjuction with the IT Fair 2016 at MVEC, on the other hall, another electrical exhibition take place by the giant electrical company of Harvey Norman. In this 3 days they also doing a household appliances to the public including of kitchen appliances, living room, bedroom and so on. All the manufacturer collaborate with Harvey… Read more »

Tokyo Street in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

  Wanna feel Japan environment even not in Japan. Pavilion have a place, not too big or not to small, at the top of Pavilion shopping centre they have the place to feel like be in Japan, the shop there seem likely to be like a Japanese store in Japan. You can have a gadget… Read more »

Batman & Superman The Movie

  After walking across Bukit Bintang to Pavilion, now we are entering the glamorous shopping centre ever that representing their event of Batman and Superman The Movie. The centre of the shopping centre located the new Batmobile and the people have an event of hand wrestling by the contestant from universities and others. Really like… Read more »

Star Hill Road to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

  When you have something to attend of an event of wedding, there will be a better destination can be explore in Kuala Lumpur. Here in Bukit Bintang or Star Hill which are the best location in this capital of Malaysia have a lots shopping centre and entertainment. At Bukit Bintang they have a plenty… Read more »

P. Ramlee Legend of Malaysia Exhibition, NU Sentral

  Everybody born in Malaysia knows about P. Ramlee, he was an actor in old years day that have named for a great film for the Malaysia and Singapore. NU Sentral have been selected to represent all P. Ramlee art including the history of his film, fashion, his friends during shooting, timeline of his life… Read more »

Mini Mini Cafe Exhibition, Mid Valley Megamall

  Firstly I don’t know what this kind of decor their presenting to the public until finally I understand its for the decoration of miniature product from Mini Mini Cafe Toy Series. The decor is the same but larger version of the toy. Inside the glass featuring the miniature feature in small cabinet which you… Read more »

Flower Shop at MARA

  Badly my booth showing our project at MARA building is opposite this Flower Shop. the owner selling huge of flower for gift and decoration purpose, the price look very nicely, but my home have no place to put that kind of vase actually. Meanwhile, the decoration for anniversary bear seem very popular in Malaysia,… Read more »

Senja Restaurant – Maju Junction, Kuala Lumpur

  Senja? Wahhh…this name also can be used as restaurant name…hahaha. The Senja mean Sunset in English, so try to translate as Sunset Restaurant inside the Maju Junction Mall building in Kuala Lumpur city center. The restaurant look very luxurious display of its decoration of white Orchids everywhere in such a big vase. All paint… Read more »

Sunway Putra Hotel – Premium Suite

  Malaysian technology Expo held for 3 days from 18 to 20 Feb 2016 at PWTC. So I already book a room but not to small for 2 person to stay in. Booking using trivago and getting a affordable discount room at on RM 170 per day, so I have book for 3 days and… Read more »

Sunway Putra Mall CNY 2016 Decor

  I have an exhibition at PWTC for the Malaysian Technology Expo in February 2016, so I decided to stay at the nearby hotel that embedded with a shopping mall. On the 1st day of exhibition ending at 5.00pm, later I and my student went to this mall, they still have the CNY 2016 decor… Read more »

Giant Monkey at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

  Once again after the Xmas 2015, Pavilion present its super large size of Chinese New Year 2016 decoration presenting the gold Monkey at the centre of the mall. It’s surrounded with small booth selling Chinese Merchandise for the celebration including paper crafting, calligraphy, flower, credit card promotion from sponsored bank and also a photo… Read more »

Mid Valley North Court CNY 2016

  All most a month I’m late to update this website, event the CNY 2016 already over, the photos seem not yet been review by me. So, here a a few photos from the Mid Valley North Court decoration on this year Chinese New Year 2016. There are so many lanterns, goldfish everywhere inside this… Read more »

Segamat, Johor Entrepreneurship Carnival

  Been back to my hometown for the celebration of Chinese New Year 2016, which the holiday take 4 days off for works. At the Segamat square held an event of Johor Entrepreneurship Carnival where a bazaar open at the field for a week to help the local business to grow in the holiday of… Read more »

Sunway Pyramid CNY 2016 Decor, 1st Floor

  This is the another photos at Sunway Pyramid Mall at 1st Floor. There such a big blossom tree decorated with big lantern and monkey signboard located beside it. The color of red and gold also make the decor so beautiful and the big chandelier at the Ice rink look so fascinated like a crystal… Read more »

CNY Deco 2016, Jaya Shopping Centre

  So cute monkey at Jaya Shopping Mall for the Chinese New Year 2016 Celebration. The monkey holding such a gold on their hand to show peace and prosperity. The decor situated at the ground floor of the mall. The stage make the decor so beautiful with the blossom tree including the lanterns arounds. Nobody… Read more »

Sunway Pyramid Chinese New Year Deco 2016

  Sunway pyramid is doing early thing to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2016 this year, with collaboration with the Panda Movie, the decoration of Monkey is lost rather than showing lots of panda at the stage for the decoration.Background of old Chinese building with a cute bridge. Visitor can taking photo using sponsored photo… Read more »

Big Books Xmas Decor 2015 at The Curve

  Now we can see the different between others shopping centre at other places, where The Curve presenting a Giant Book for their Xmas decor 2015. There a lots of book in huge size to be see, can’t be touch while the books had made as a stage for xmas performing arts. As, you can… Read more »

Nippon Paint Tree at E-Curve

  The giant xmas tree made by Nippon Paint for the xmas 2015, located at the curve square between the e-curve mall and the curve mall. The xmas tree with 10 metre high made by paint cans decorate with such a lighting and support by the 5 large monsters (Nippon Paint Trademark).Nippon Paint the coating… Read more »

Chipmunks, NU Sentral Xmas 2015 Deco

  Every floor in this shopping mall occupied by the hilarious Chipmunks on the Xmas 2015 decoration by NU Sentral Mall, the music also being chipmunk every single song. The title of the deco is the Xmas road chip. Lots of children playground in this deco, including the large travel bag and so on. The… Read more »

Mid Valley – North Court Xmas Deco 2015

  At the other side of the Mid Valley Megamall, at the North Court presenting a giant decoration of Xmas 2015 including of the big pencils, service of wrapping present, decoration stall, ice cream and toys. At the centre was a tower of 3, which a soldier on the tower seeing the customer at the… Read more »

Mid Valley Megamall Xmas Deco 2015

  Once again cause of lazy me to update this web, cause by too many of even and festive season at many place including  this place Mid Valley Megamall at last show their decoration of Xmas 2015, this photo was taken during the season before Xmas 2015. I not recently update cause too many job… Read more »

Good Food & Co, Jaya Shopping Centre

  I don’t know how to describe this food shop about, seem like a Korean + West food that serving variety of pasta, chicken, bread and soup. They serve like KFC and Mcd style food shop which we need to order and pay at the same time at the counter, they will prepare after that…. Read more »

The Gardens Mall Xmas Deco 2015

  Oriental presentation of Xmas 2015 at the Gardens Mall, Mid Valley shows some classical different from others. This year the theme seem mixed with the Xmas and Chinese New Year. Lots of flowers surrounded the pathway to the iSetan. Some of the deco show of xmas tree with chinese touch. Luxury made food on… Read more »

Suria KLCC Xmas Deco 2015

  Not so much this year 2015, Suria KLCC has made a candy and gingerbread to be their Xmas 2015 deco, conjunction with SK-II promotion at the Centre Court. The giant candy around the xmas decoration made the kids love with their creation. Huge lollipop seem looks so tasty to me, hope get one to… Read more »

Star Wars by Selangor Royal Pewter

  Get the most premium merchandise from Selangor Pewter including of Star Wars characters, mugs, button, and so on. All the merchandise made by pewter, totally pewter and its cost very expensive. The price starting from RM 300 and above which I can see the most pewter character price at RM 3,800 (the biggest monster)…. Read more »

Star Wars X-Wing Star Fighter Space Ship

  For the 1st ever the Star Wars getting generous about promoting their new movie to the public in Malaysia. Now come with the largest X-Wing Star Fighter Space Ship at the middle of the Mid Valley Megamall. Open to the public from 20th to 29th November 2015 exclusively with collaboration partner including of Selangor… Read more »

Jaya Shopping Centre Xmas Deco 2015

  The Xmas come again at Jaya Shopping Centre at Section 14, Petaling Jaya. This year theme come with the largest toys on the stage and other place in the mall. Along with this celebration, the mall come with free popcorn to the kids, bring along your kids to get this free popcorn. They also… Read more »

The Gardens Restaurant

  Free time spend by my housemate at the Gardens Restaurant, located at the junction between The Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mall. The restaurant theme look like in the garden of festive wedding, mostly white and too English. The food is moderate not too good or too bad, and likely to be served… Read more »

58th Years Happy Merdeka Malaysia

  Malaysia will celebrate the next 58th Independence Day on August, 31, 2015, Monday. NU Sentral already decorate their shopping mall with patriotic sign and the “Jalur Gemilang”. The photo shows the 1st Prime Minister celebrate the Independence of Malaya in 1957.

Seattle Space Needle – LEGO Architecture

  The smallest built of Seattle Space Needle from Lego Architecture at the Price of RM 99 seem not be affordable cause by the a few pieces of lego inside the box. Its take a few time to build this building, not to adventurous like Paris Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa which the architecture… Read more »

DanBoard on SAL30M28 lens

  Its not easy to handle a A-Mount Lens featuring a Prime lens of SAL30M28 Macro lens in low light, since I have a model of Amazon JP Danboard, its can be a thing to any view and places, I have try to adjust the setting that not so much easier from the E-mount lenses… Read more »

Mid Valley Megamall Raya Deco 2015

  This mall was be the favorite mall ever showing their ability to attract public interest to the mall, once again the mall present the village with sentiment of lifestyle in the old day years, the deco also showing the old car from the 70s, motorcycles since world war 2 and others, the shop with… Read more »

The Gardens Mid Valley Raya Deco 2015

  The Gardens this time show their decoration different from others which their try to represent the Raya 2015 by showing the Islamic Art to the public, the shopping centre also hold a competition in instagram for the public to take the best shoot using of this background. Any of the best photo will be… Read more »

Pavillion Raya Deco 2015

  Colorful lantern at the centre of the Pavillion Shopping Mall, look nicely…this arabian lantern made from colorful glass, luxury if embedded into a house. Mainly this lantern show the traditional old arabic lighting.Its also look like made from a crystal glass for shining and effect to the house wall.  

Suria KLCC Raya 2015 Deco

  The Raya 2015 is nearly and the Ramadhan month still going until the end next week, the Suria KLCC showing their celebration deco by decorating other type of Malay Traditional house, the deco also come with the traditional dancing performance across the stage build, the performance will start from 8.00pm and its depend on… Read more »

Sunway Pyramid Raya 2015 Deco #AnyamanRaya

  #AnyamanRaya was the theme selected by the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre for the next celebration Hari Raya 2015. Featuring small fancy traditional Malay Village house at the centre of the shopping mall. Meanwhile, the special mini cooper with such a good paint color nearby of the theme make the decoration truthly amazing.

NU Sentral Hari Raya 2015 Decoration

  Village in Shopping Complex? Yes… NU Sentral Kuala Lumpur featuring the Village concept of Hari Raya Celebration for the year 2015, this theme show the traditional Malay home village lifestyle including of peoples playing “Wau Bulan” and so on. The decoration also consist of small shop that selling gift wraps hampers, traditional garment of… Read more »

Maybank Treats Fair 2015

  The biggest bank in Malaysia once again held an event to the public with old school music theme, Maybank show their public relation to their customer by giving and exchange the point with goods and service. Peoples subscribe including credit card or debit card can redeem their point with popular product present in the… Read more »

Yellow Ukulele from Maybank Treat

  Maybank every year conduct an special event for their customer to redeem their debit and credit card point into a goods, but its limited to the total spend every year, accumulated from previous year point not expired if using this bankcard service. This Ukulele at the total point of 14500 point of Treatpoints.

IKEA Warehouse Malaysia

  The most and the biggest warehouse store of IKEA Malaysia, located at Persiaran Surian, Damansara. Every Malaysian dream their home style made from IKEA, decoration from the professional designer in Sweden for home in tropical country. Catalogue of furniture product and activation member of IKEA Friends make every season having a promotion and discount even… Read more »