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YES 4G LTE Broadband

Since our parent home far from Kuala Lumpur and live in Segamat, but not at the town, else somewhere just far nearby which the facility not quite good at all, mainly for the communication using copper wire. Otherwise, we need to use capped quota of broadband internet with no choice at all. Since then, we… Read more »

New PC Setup – Casing & Peripheral

Got and old PC but still can be used rather than throw away all the outdated peripheral but need an extra budget when to apply the new thing into the old body. Buying new mechanical keyboard at lower price was a bargain which the performance is significantly same to the expensive gaming keyboard. Not too… Read more »

TP-LINK Wireless N Adapter

When I said in previous page that I buy a mouse at a cheaper price at Lazada,  I also buy this a TP-Link Wireless N Adapter for my friends PC at price of RM 69.00, since he also my housemate, so he decided to buy new network adapter for fast download with our home Unifi… Read more »

Sony VAIO Bluetooth Mouse

Not only shopping mall have discount on the celebration of Hari Raya 2016, online shopper also not being forget to do the same way to the customer, even more crazy deal came near to the end. The most best deal is this Sony VAIO mouse, its a bluetooth mouse just only RM 49 per mouse… Read more »

Sonic Gear Neo Classic 800 Audio

  This a Multi Function Internal Battery Operated Radio/Bluetooth that sell at the price of RM 199, if have promotion its goes down to RM 169, if you lucky. This radio is very small in a wooden box which its can be used as a bluetooth speaker, radio, mp3 player, AUX connection. The battery power… Read more »

Dobuyo Dinner for Uncharted Launch

  Really getting excited to go to the Sony PlayStation event at Sunway Pyramid for the Uncharted 4 Launch at the Midnight from 10.00pm to 3.00am. Everybody getting the event card to redeem their games at the counter. Before that, take my dinner at Dobuyo for the hot Soondoobu Jigae for sure, getting the hot… Read more »

Lucky Gift From Sony Malaysia

  Anybody getting this lucky gift don’t know what is inside. The box is very look like a camera likely to be a Sony Full Frame Camera inside it, but the box is very small and its might be a fake camera or a replica of a camera. But in the event which a winner… Read more »

Logitech Bluetooth Speaker X50

  Small but incredible sound ever, equip with rechargeable battery inside that can be long lasting about 4 to 10 hours of usage. The small speaker roar the sound from your tablet, smartphone, pc or laptop make an easy way to mobile in house including outdoor activities. The color of the speaker also can be… Read more »

Malaysian IT Fair, Mid Valley MVEC

  Back in 10 years ago, the computer exhibition was made at KLCC, Kuala Lumpur was very large and happening. Lots of model showing their passion through the computer exhibition by each of the manufacturer. But now, the era of computing seem saturate by the existing of smartphone and tablet technology. This technology replacing huge… Read more »

When Old & New PlayStation 3 Meet

  When the old once end of its life which the console can’t be played anymore cause by the absolute component and time consuming, the new PS3 take place with the new design and much slimmer with energy saving. Some of the previous function like auto disk loading has been remove and need some manual… Read more »

Unboxing Playstation 3 Superslim Model CECH-4306C

  This is the latest model of Sony Playstation 3 CECH-4306C for the Asian region which consist of 1 Game Controller, Console (Super Slim Model) and 500GB storage. I unboxing this Playstation 3 that can be seen on my video and my photo. I’m very excited to have the new one, the old one still… Read more »

Playstation 3 Slim Replace the old PS3 Fat 2008

  I’m so sad when my old fat PlayStation 3 keep heating and suddenly shutdown and light the YLOD (Yellow light of Death), this error exist since I’m not playing the console about a year from September 2013 to September 2014, which I’m at in London for doing my MSc Engineering Management at Brunel University,… Read more »

Updating PS VITA to Version 3.57

  Sony always keep updated their Playstation Network Server for an update to all the consoles including this PS Vita. The handheld seem not very popular nowadays which the game mostly came from japan and likely to be an anime. Previously in the 1st launching of PS Vita in the market, the Uncharted – The… Read more »

Microsoft Surface & Windows 10 Promotion, Mid Valley

  AEON Big with Microsoft doing the Surface and Windows 10 promotion to the public at Mid Valley Megamall, located at the center court of the mall. Both promoting Surface tablet and Windows 10 Operating System. They show some promotion on trade rebate up to RM 500 for the new surface, cash rebates and purchase… Read more »

PS4 Family Pack 2015

  For a limited time offer for Xmas 2015, this game bundle from Sony Playstation seem came late to the store, everytime I go to the store they always said the bundle is out of stock and then I need to pre-order until I get this bundle very late January 2016 for a best bargain… Read more »

Playstation 3 Teardown for Cleaning

  Playstation 3 was my best console ever I ever had to buy at Sony. Ibuy this fat model at Malaysia Store on year 2007, nearly 10 years of usage and many of the games I had finish and mostly I like is the Uncharted 1,2 and 3 games, the best game ever and still… Read more »

Sony Store KLCC – PS4 New Faceplate

  Stop at Sony Store KLCC is a must for me to visit, the store is very good to take photo inside which I’m a Sony fanatics, the store giving such a good privilege for me to take all their gadget inside the store. This time I will look to the new faceplate of Sony Playstation… Read more »

Texas Chicken at Jaya Shopping Centre

  The end of december come and all people is waiting for the xmas, the Texas Chicken also made new theme food for the visitor to their restaurant. The Chicken burger named “Tex Supreme”, take place in my new meal for the day. Luckily being sponsored by my officemate during the dinner time. We left… Read more »

Lenovo Z51-70 With Intel Real Sense

  At last lenovo has join the Intel both in processor and Imaging capabilities. The New Z51-70 equipped with Intel Real Sense is very cool technology can be applied to the new Windows 10 operating system. The Intel Real Sense come with 2 camera above the LED Screen. This model can detect face recognition for… Read more »

New Playstation 4 Game of the Month

  The games fanatics?No no.. I’m not. This game already buy on the month of November 2015 at Gamer’s Hideout Mid Valley Megamall with discount. As a member of this game store, the service is very good to be, you can get member price absolutely very low. This month I try to find the RPG… Read more »

Star Wars X-Wing Star Fighter Space Ship

  For the 1st ever the Star Wars getting generous about promoting their new movie to the public in Malaysia. Now come with the largest X-Wing Star Fighter Space Ship at the middle of the Mid Valley Megamall. Open to the public from 20th to 29th November 2015 exclusively with collaboration partner including of Selangor… Read more »

Upgrading Lenovo Flex 2

  Upgrading an Ultrabook not be an easy way, nowadays lots of ultrabook manufacturer including Lenovo have change their ultrabook casing to be less open, for sure lots of screw can be open, but there so many lock of plastics clamp other plastic below the ultrabook, there are very soft and need attention to be… Read more »

Transcend 256GB SSD Drive

  Solid State Drive (SSD) is the fastest ever data storage in the world that have a speed of maximum storage processing that can be compared to normal HDD in a PC and others. SSD made by the technology of memory storage ability to stay longer with maximum performance that less than 10 seconds for… Read more »

Lenovo U41-70 Core i7 5550U

  There are very extreme when a ultrabook have a power of a PC. This Lenovo U41-70 model equip with higher spec of Intel Core i7 5550U, 5th generation of Core i7 including with 8GB DDR3 at 1600, 250GB SSD from Transcend, Full HD display, Nvidia GeForce 920 GPU with 2GB of VRAM, very lightweight… Read more »

WD My Passport Ultra 1TB & 2TB External HDD

  Bad thing about DSLR is the photo taken at 24.3MPixel always need big space to store photos, each of the photos consist more than 3MB per photo, sometimes hundred of photos can reach more GB in storage, mainly have many places, many moment to shoots, so big storage need to be prepared to store… Read more »

TP-Link AC2600 AC Router Mu-Mimo

  Super fast router with 1.4Ghz dual core processor processing unit including 5Ghz of AC signal up to 1733Mbps and 2.4Ghz Signal at 800MBps, powered by 802.11AC,b,g,c,n specification signal. This router built in Mu-MIMO technology to boost up signal up to 20 devices simultaneously. The actual price is at RM 799 at Compuzone Digital Mall… Read more »

Starbucks Smoke Chicken Puff with Mushroom

  What the scary beverage for the Halloween day, the Vanilla flavor inside the cup make may day, along with the Smoke Chicken Puff look so tempting. So often to Starbucks store near Jaya Shopping Centre at Section 14 PJ, if I have something to buy at Digital Mall nearby, a mall that selling computer,… Read more »

High Contrast Black & White

  This photo is taken by the Sony A6000 using the lens kits of SEL1855 (from the lens of Sony NEX F3), setting at Auto+ with some effect of High Contrast Black & White setting to test the capability of the new Bionz-X processor inside. The True-black dark across the photo show the capability of… Read more »

Augmented Reality Book

  Sometimes reading a children book seem very boring, rather than use of iPad application instead reading a paper book also not to good, which need to be pay over the application on the store. Why not, trying something difference to have fun with children. The technique using technology called augmented reality not very popular,… Read more »

TP-Link AC1900 Dual Band Adapter

  Unifi now introduce new package to the public for the higher speed internet with the same price subscription. So I have upgrade from plan VIP5 to VIP10 with discount, then later they upgrade to Unifi Advance 30Mbps for free at the payment permonth as VIP10 service plan. Unlucky my PC adapter only support 802.11b… Read more »

Kemaman, Terengganu

  At last I have been here for so long not come since 2011, Its takes 5 hours driving to this state of Terengganu. Border with Pahang near Kuantan Town, Kemaman is the other place for the Oil and Gas for Malaysian Industri. This state situated at the east of the peninsular Malaysia. The town… Read more »

Lets Shooting a Unboxing

  Some of the people like to unboxing something like gadget, cosmetic, goods and so on. They need some of the equipment to be used to get the best shoot of the unboxing process. Since I don’t have many accessories to use to capture the unboxing process, I just using a small and larger tripod… Read more »

REMAX LED Folding Eye Lamp

  Imagine that you can save your money on electric usage every night using this desktop lamp, built in battery at 500mAh that can be long lasting more than 12 hours, so good bargain, which its sell at the price of RM 59 at Digital Mall and Low Yat Plaza.This type of small LED have… Read more »

Testing Lens with New Firmware

  Take advantages of Sony lens was great, the advanced technology of lenses can be upgraded by software through Sony Support page, mainly the old lenses need to be update their firmware which new camera have new features including 4D focus and continuous focus. The process is more easier with instruction step by step by… Read more »

Malaysian IT, Mobile Fair & Electronic Expo

  For the 3rd times the Exhibition of IT and mobile take place in Mid Valley MVEC, the event mainly concentrate to laptop, storage and mobile devices rather than PC and Mac. Computer Accessories take place in the exhibition such selling powerbank, cable, thumbdrive, external HDD and so on. The option for consumer is to… Read more »

iHealth Wireless Pulse Oximeter

  Oxygen is human need to live, as we don’t know the usage of oxygen in our body flow in blood is stable or not, this device show the ability to measure the total oxygen flow from the heart to all over the body circular motion during pumping inside the body. Human must have minimum… Read more »

iHealth Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker

  That good when the actual price of this device at RM 200 drop to RM 88 at Lazada online sale, I buy this item at 10 pieces cause lots of interested people at the office show their interest about activity health gear. This tracker can be use as watch or at your waist (as… Read more »