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Playstation 3 Slim Replace the old PS3 Fat 2008

  I’m so sad when my old fat PlayStation 3 keep heating and suddenly shutdown and light the YLOD (Yellow light of Death), this error exist since I’m not playing the console about a year from September 2013 to September 2014, which I’m at in London for doing my MSc Engineering Management at Brunel University,… Read more »

The Bodyshop Body Butter

  In this previous year the price of this Body Butter is about RM50+ to RM65 per 192g size at any Body shop around Malaysia, but since the MYR currency drop since last year, the price of this Body butter increase so much to RM 95 per 192g. What a huge different?..luckily I have buy… Read more »

Marks & Spencer Soybean Biscuits

  M & S always be the expensive thing in Malaysia, origin from UK, all matters including garment and food also being same to UK price. When all the things converted to our currency, huge price in the total goods sale at the M&S store. Something good when buy at M&S is the biscuits or… Read more »

DanBoard on SAL30M28 lens

  Its not easy to handle a A-Mount Lens featuring a Prime lens of SAL30M28 Macro lens in low light, since I have a model of Amazon JP Danboard, its can be a thing to any view and places, I have try to adjust the setting that not so much easier from the E-mount lenses… Read more »

PS Vita Update 3.50

  Still used of the old PS Vita 1000, love very much the OLED screen even the power of the battery sink little bit fast, by the way the performance from the ARM Cortex Processor seem power to the little console like this, Sony lately try to obsolete this console which the games not very… Read more »

Memories From London

  This music box sell at Uxbridge at a price of 24.59 pound each, many of the design is wooden made handcraft, the design shows the capital city in Europe but I choose London Big Ben as the landmark of Britain.

Mark & Spencer Tea and Biscuits

  Miss so much memories in London last year for master degree programme, I went to M&S Malaysia at KLCC for buying their Tea – mostly English Breakfast and Dark Chocolate Biscuit, the weird thing its looks so cheap in London rather convert the currency to RM, its look so big in money….oh my…..

The Robot From Wilkinson, London

  This 3 robots was buy at Wilkinson store in London, suppose the mechanism of this doll using the rubber string on the each of the part of their body. it can be strain and stress depend on the action. Price at 1 Pound each, available at Wilkinson Store nearby London, UK.