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Innisfree Cream Series

  Come again with the next review that I should write in the previous month, mostly delay of my work in this website again, never-mind! I will try to spend my time to done something. In this post I will be introduce to the Innisfree Cream products which consist of Green Tea Sleeping Pack at… Read more »

Spring Summer at Mid Valley

  When the spring season at the beginning came to the month of April, Mid Valley megamall has developed such a fantastic decoration for the spring, lots of flowers on the centre court to the east atrium, north court and south court. There are like blooming in the megamall like to be colorful paradise. Free… Read more »

New Bottle New Fragrance – Victoria Secret

  Victoria Secret have redesign their mist fragrance bottle to be round and tall including changing the top of the bottle. Now the bottle look more gold than before and they also presenting new fragrance and so on. Each of the bottle seem have same quantity of fragrance, but it look like the total fragrance… Read more »

Innisfree New Product 2016

  This year Innisfree have introduce new item at the store including of brightening lotion, hair serum and foot scrub wash. I love the foot scrub which the flavor is very refreshing to my entire foot, the scrub can be use to remove dirt on the foot skin. The hair serum seem likely same to… Read more »

Flower Shop at MARA

  Badly my booth showing our project at MARA building is opposite this Flower Shop. the owner selling huge of flower for gift and decoration purpose, the price look very nicely, but my home have no place to put that kind of vase actually. Meanwhile, the decoration for anniversary bear seem very popular in Malaysia,… Read more »

Senja Restaurant – Maju Junction, Kuala Lumpur

  Senja? Wahhh…this name also can be used as restaurant name…hahaha. The Senja mean Sunset in English, so try to translate as Sunset Restaurant inside the Maju Junction Mall building in Kuala Lumpur city center. The restaurant look very luxurious display of its decoration of white Orchids everywhere in such a big vase. All paint… Read more »

Sunway Putra Mall CNY 2016 Decor

  I have an exhibition at PWTC for the Malaysian Technology Expo in February 2016, so I decided to stay at the nearby hotel that embedded with a shopping mall. On the 1st day of exhibition ending at 5.00pm, later I and my student went to this mall, they still have the CNY 2016 decor… Read more »

Etude House New Product – Collagen Cream

  This new product series from Etude House have a moisture durability strengthening cream with Super Collagen water and Baobab Oil that fills your skin with moisture. The particle in the moistfull Collagen always keep skin hydrated and leave skin feeling like jelly. This cream is soft, its contact on skin is firm and hydrates… Read more »

Giant Monkey at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

  Once again after the Xmas 2015, Pavilion present its super large size of Chinese New Year 2016 decoration presenting the gold Monkey at the centre of the mall. It’s surrounded with small booth selling Chinese Merchandise for the celebration including paper crafting, calligraphy, flower, credit card promotion from sponsored bank and also a photo… Read more »

Mid Valley North Court CNY 2016

  All most a month I’m late to update this website, event the CNY 2016 already over, the photos seem not yet been review by me. So, here a a few photos from the Mid Valley North Court decoration on this year Chinese New Year 2016. There are so many lanterns, goldfish everywhere inside this… Read more »

Innisfree Premium Orchid Signature Series

  Finally I have collect all Innisfree Orchid series Cream for anti-ageing, love the fragrance, but for sure its too expensive on the cream, total of the cream can reach RM 180 per jar. Its consist of massage cream, gel cream, eye cream, intense cream, enriched cream, mostly at quantity of 50 ml per jar… Read more »

Segamat, Johor Entrepreneurship Carnival

  Been back to my hometown for the celebration of Chinese New Year 2016, which the holiday take 4 days off for works. At the Segamat square held an event of Johor Entrepreneurship Carnival where a bazaar open at the field for a week to help the local business to grow in the holiday of… Read more »

Beautiful White Flower

  This photos show a beautiful white flower around my parent’s home, look so refreshing on the leaves, very dark green with a water drop on it. I keep photographing this flower side by side and the Sony NEX F3 show more contrast and color to the camera sensor, capture using kits lens SEL1855 and… Read more »

Sunway Pyramid CNY 2016 Decor, 1st Floor

  This is the another photos at Sunway Pyramid Mall at 1st Floor. There such a big blossom tree decorated with big lantern and monkey signboard located beside it. The color of red and gold also make the decor so beautiful and the big chandelier at the Ice rink look so fascinated like a crystal… Read more »

Sunway Pyramid Chinese New Year Deco 2016

  Sunway pyramid is doing early thing to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2016 this year, with collaboration with the Panda Movie, the decoration of Monkey is lost rather than showing lots of panda at the stage for the decoration.Background of old Chinese building with a cute bridge. Visitor can taking photo using sponsored photo… Read more »

Daiso Facial Product at RM 5.30

  Just RM 5.30, Daiso selling a beauty product, does it good? so I decided to try some of its brand created for just a price of RM 5.30 each. So lets try the Daiso Charcoal Cleanser Foam and Natural Pack Mask, the product came in a small tube like toothpaste, the outlook of the… Read more »

The Face Shop Sale, Mid Valley Megamall

  Fanatics of Fruit taste make the way to The Face Shop, on my head just wanna to find the eye cream, any eye cream that have smell or taste of a fruit, not like argan oil or olive, the bad smell I can hold whole day, mainly the virgin type of oil, headache. One… Read more »

White Xmas Deco 2015 at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

  The white xmas come again at Pavilion Shopping Centre at Star Hill, Kuala Lumpur. This year they come with a large xmas tree made by Swarovski that worth RM 700, 000 as reported in any news and blogs around Kuala Lumpur. You also can experience snow show at the entrance of the mall at… Read more »

Innisfree Face Mask

  Innisfree skincare have made a good choice to their mask for face. I love the flavour that came from the natural resources like strawberry, aloe vera, honey, kiwi, bamboo, blackberry and so on. The mask price on xmas promotion at RM 4.00 per pack. The smell of the mask also very calm and nutritious… Read more »

The Gardens Mall Xmas Deco 2015

  Oriental presentation of Xmas 2015 at the Gardens Mall, Mid Valley shows some classical different from others. This year the theme seem mixed with the Xmas and Chinese New Year. Lots of flowers surrounded the pathway to the iSetan. Some of the deco show of xmas tree with chinese touch. Luxury made food on… Read more »

Innisfree – New Skincare Come to Life

  Since the Innisfree came to my life, this product is the one of most Korean Women and Men used as a skincare. The technology from the skincare expert in Korea can be the same compare to the skincare from Japan. Having try to mix both Japan product SK-II and Innisfree can get the tremendous… Read more »

Starbucks Reserve Re-Visit

  Going to Mid Valley to redeem the free Sk-II Men set at the counter for free, which the Aeon Jusco have a biggest Sk-II in October 2015 at the Centre Court of Mid Valley, every purchase of RM 350 will getting the free voucher of RM 50 in the promotion period and can be used… Read more »

Starbucks Moon Cake – Chewy Nutty Cranberry

  So hard to pronounce the name of this moon cake from Starbucks – Chewy Nutty Cranberry that consist of nuts and cereals form factor, no egg yolk inside this moon cake, full of berries and being hard to eat, mostly nuts inside. Come to the box as the special item with the Durian Moon… Read more »

SK-II Festive Edition Sale Day 2

  Once again went to the SK-II booth to buy more SK-II product for other peoples that interested to the power of the essence, since I try to convince people with the advantage of the cosmetic through consultation and video at Youtube, they are more likely to have an actual person that need to be… Read more »

SK-II Festive Edition 2015 – Set of Color, Iconic & More

  The promotion came again this year with more discount and free gift. The photo show the SK-II product at a price of RM 2500+ before discount and become RM 1420 after discount. The set including the Iconic Set at RM 620, Colour Set at RM 187 each with free Cosmetic and Travel Bag. Free… Read more »

SK-II Festive Edition World 2015 #changedestiny

  Award winning cosmetic I ever have, SK-II once again with new design of their booth at Mid Valley Mega mall for the Festive Edition 2015 promotion. The event held from 5th October 2015 to 11th October 2015. Lots of discount given by the SK-II including lots of free gift including key-chain, sample, flower and… Read more »

Bodyshop Tea Tree & Drop of Youth

  Awesome organic thing from Bodyshop again become my inspiration to skin care product, this shows the both tea tree and drop of youth power to protect, maintain, repair the skin. The ingredients used seem make skin look so fresh at night and early morning. Even the price sem so high for skincare product the… Read more »

The Gardens Restaurant

  Free time spend by my housemate at the Gardens Restaurant, located at the junction between The Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mall. The restaurant theme look like in the garden of festive wedding, mostly white and too English. The food is moderate not too good or too bad, and likely to be served… Read more »

SK-II Pink Flower Limited Edition

  SK-II featuring new sensation of flower edition and its called as Pink Flower Edition for the FTE, promotion on the starter pack from RM 229 to RM 199 decreasing the price was awesome to the new comer to SK-II product line. Other promotion come with free free luggage bag for the purchase of RM… Read more »

Giant Tiger Orchids

  This orchids takes me 15 years to have the flower, I have grow this flower since year 2000 at my old house in Segamat, later I and my mother replace the pot with the new pot in year 2004, but we also need to wait the orchids to grow big, this tiger orchids need… Read more »