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Hepi Bestday Cousin 2016

The time has come to the day and before the Hari Raya 2016 celebration, celebrating my cousin bestday on the track, just a few thing is to find the Starbucks Coffee shop as a best place to celebrate. Just buy a few slice of cake and a beverage and that its…Luckily cousin doesn’t take advantage… Read more »

Belated Birthday Party

  Its already 3 months passed by, lots of photos need to be upload to this website for the story. Nevermind, I try to write everything now even the photos already outdated from the month of April and so on. In this part was my sister celebrate my belated birthday in April 2016 at Secret… Read more »

Birthday Cake From Secret Recipe

  Once again I receiving this such a best cake ever from my office mates for my birthday in April 2016, exactly on 7th of April 2016, me age of 37 years young, really lucky for this year 2016. They have greet a good thing for the future mostly in career and life. By the… Read more »

Happy Birthday to Me 37 Years Young

  Thank you very much to my housemate for the breadcake birthday gift, love very much this bread cake from The Loaf Store. This breadcake consist of layer of bun and chocolate cream inside it. The core quite thick to handle with knife, need to be careful eating this sweet thing. Actually every recent year,… Read more »

Harrods Cake 2016

  Happy Bestday to my housemate, having a cake been a good time to be. Harrods Chinese New Year 2016 Cakes from Harrods KLCC was taste good. Love the dark chocolate on the top of the cake. Price at RM 40 per cake and available through Harrods store at KLCC, while stock last.

Happy Birthday to My Nephew

  The whole world like a crazy when this kids celebrating their birthday together at my parent’s home in Johor. The photo of my nephew exciting to blow out the candle and make a wish as faster as they could. Mostly kids below than 5 years old doesn’t understand about birthday, what they want only… Read more »

Clinique Facial Brush System – Skin Changer

  Clinique have made a best solution for skincare to their innovative facial brush system which its come into a special pack of skincare product and can be re-chargeable through USB port and can be used in the water for cleaning purpose. The brush system not using the rotation brush but using a speed of… Read more »

Birthday Gift from BodyShop

  I keep searching for a birthday gift for my office sister anniversary, her age is secret, nobody know about it, but to have such a good gift is a pleasure. So I buy this Body Shop gift box for her. On the next day I wrap the box with some colorful paper. My sister… Read more »

15 Years Nokia 3310 Anniversary

  Nokia 3310 was the best hand-phone ever made by Nokia, not bulky but the innovation of telecommunication with display of black and white made the day, development of this phone on year 2000 being a mother of all smartphones today. Less apps to million of apps help peoples to connect each other, generation from… Read more »

L’oreal Revitalift Laser X3 Treatment

  When a product have a discount on sale, mostly for mother birthday, this L’oreal Laser X3 Day and Night Cream with Serum is the most affordable to buy. This formulae of anti-aging cosmetics was tremendous to remove wrinkles at below of the eye and nose. Each of the product was expensive if buy separately…. Read more »

Fitri Rose Limited Edition Bingsu

  Having again the limited edition Bingsu at Caffebene Jaya Shopping Centre with the next Rose Bingsu called Fitri, which consist of Cincau Jelly, Nuts, Vanilla Ice Cream, Red Bean, Cream and Milk. The red color of sensation rose flavour make the Bingsu look so beautiful. Each of the Limited Edition Bingsu cost at RM… Read more »

Cousin Bestday Treats, Welcome to 3 Series

  Thanks to Allah for the healthy life for my cousin, the celebration made at Starbucks One Utama Store, having a Frappucino with free drinks and cakes, TQ so much for the drinks…so yummy. Later we went to the gamer shops to buy PS4 games, so pity cause the shops already close at 10.00pm……so sad

Bodyshop – Drop of Youth

  This Bodyshop concentrate used to enhancing the skin for smoother looking inside and outside. This product sell at RM 200+ at any Bodyshop store, the effect on the skin show within a night, the smell also so good and its came in 50ml bottle.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

  The New Samsung Tab S 8.4 with LTE connection was awesome product. The color gamut looks so mesmerizing, cannot compare with other LED display in market, the AMOLED power so tremendous even the competitor Sony have their own technology on the display vividness named Triluminos Display. This tab S 8.4 getting the update Lollipop… Read more »

Playstation 4 Glacier White

  Getting New Playstation 4 Glacier White was a wonderful day, your life seem cheering with love, adventure, magnificent dream and so on. Price at RM 1,549 inclusive of GST at Sony Store The Gardens Mid Valley Megamall.

Sephora and L’Ocittance Birthday Gift

  When the birthday time is over but the giveaway still on, some of the outlets still giving their product as a giveaway to me, Sephora featuring Benefit product of women lipstick and eyelash mascara not suitable for me otherwise this product will throw away to my sister and mum, luckily at the next stop, hand… Read more »