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Most Expensive Boryeong Mud Soap

  This is the most expensive Boryeong Mud Soap ever. Not me buying this but one of my friends that have problem to his skin need to use this kind of soap. The soap is different from the normal Boryeoung Soap at 3 pieces of RM 60 (discount). This soap price at RM 100+ only… Read more »

Innisfree Hankie Promotion

  In conjunction to save the planet Earth, Innisfree has promotion the Hankiee for saving the Earth environment to their customer, each of the purchase, customer will get free a hankiee that replace the paper bags. Customer can use the hankiee to carry their skincare to home. The Hankiee come in 2 types of colors… Read more »

Victoria Secret Mist Sale 2016 Summer

  Once again the store of Victoria Secret made my day of the New Look Bottle for the Summer or for the Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2016 celebration including exclusive promotion of Perfume mist. I likely to have the Love Spell flavor to my collection along with other fruity flavor of scent. The content of the… Read more »

MINISO Sonic Facial

  MINISO or Clarisonic Facial is better, I think both is better, the vibration on the brush seem like the same but the large different of this 2 product is the material and the huge price different. The MINISO just price below RM 100, actually at RM 70 at MINISO NU Sentral Mall but the… Read more »

SK-II – Butterfly and Toner Big Bottle of 230ml Collection

  Preview of all Facial Treatment Essence and Facial Treatment Clear Lotion at capacity of 230 ml bottles. This combination of previous promotion and current promotion around Kuala Lumpur for the Spring edition event and previous Xmas event 2015, each of the bottle contain 90% of Pitera exclude the toner that just have mostly half… Read more »

SK-II Promotion May 2016

  If you buy the limited edition butterfly bottle you will entitle to get a free Facial Treatment Clear Lotion at 150 ml for free, but you buying must enter RM 800 for the free FTCL. As an addition to the Facial Treatment Essence + the SK-II Men UV Protection Moisturizer lotion at RM 342… Read more »

SK-II Spring 2016 Limited Edition Bottle

  Since the summer is near but the bottle of the SK-II Spring Edition just enter the Malaysia Market through Parkson store. I get this bottle with new color of butterfly edition for the Essence at 230 ml, price at RM 620 at Parkson Pavillion. By the way, I have still a previous bottle from… Read more »

Laneige Promotion Mid Valley Mega Mall

  Laneige is the one of Korean Popular Cosmetic that using the power of water to their cosmetic product. The signature Water Bank is the best of the top of Laneige. I not quite or used this kind of cosmetic for skin care rather than Innisfree and E-Tude House. Since the Korean skincare doesn’t apply… Read more »

Midori Secret Energy,Hair Depot

  Having problem of hair every time using a wrong shampoo and conditioner for my head. I have try many of a popular shampoo advertise in TV but some of them not long lasting for dandruff and itchy scalp for a long period and heal the skin head. So I heading to the professional hair… Read more »

Innisfree Cream Series

  Come again with the next review that I should write in the previous month, mostly delay of my work in this website again, never-mind! I will try to spend my time to done something. In this post I will be introduce to the Innisfree Cream products which consist of Green Tea Sleeping Pack at… Read more »

Boryeong Mud Korea, NU Sentral Mall

  When walking across the Nu Sentral Mall in Kuala Lumpur, mostly at Bangsar area, very surprise meet this store called Boryeong Mud Korea. What in my mind is the “Mud”. Knowingly the mud is the material which can be used to treat skin problem including acne and so on. What special about Boryeong? So… Read more »

Maybelline Roadshow, Mid Valley

  Walk to the stage of glamorous Maybelline Cosmetics at Mid Valley Megamall for the season promotion. Visitor can redeem free popcorn and cotton candy for free at the booth. Consumer also can be having a free make up service for a demonstration of current cosmetics like foundation, lip gloss and so on. The #makeithappen… Read more »

Innisfree Line Friends Free Gift

  In the conjunction with LINE,Innisfree having their promotion for the month of April with free gift of series of Innisfree Limited Edition bottle and bag of green tea series for saving the earth. The Eco friendly version of this limited edition can be free when you purchase Innisfree product worth RM 210 and above… Read more »

Innisfree Perfect 9 Repair Cream

  Addition to Innisfree Perfect 9 Repair Series is the cream to prevent ageing to the face. This cream is more thick rather use the lotion, enriched from the Jeju – island botanical active ingredient to help to repair the skin face from sign of the ageing. This premium product also be the most expensive… Read more »

Innisfree Fermented Soybean Series

  Above is the one of the series skincare from Innisfree which came from the fermented Soybean as the essence and cream. Both the essence bottle have different quantities of fermented soybean for the both dry and oily skin. For the oily fermented soybean, the total amount of the fermented extract is about 90% and… Read more »

Ralph Lauren Promotion

  I don’t sure about this promotion which the booth still no being finish to the public, by the way the decoration of this promotion look so manly. They are selling a bundle of perfume with other cosmetic both men and women. The color match with black and red make the booth so luxury. This… Read more »

SK-II Butterfly Edition Sale

  The lots of free gift when the spring come in March 2016, which SK-II done a stock clearance for its previous Butterfly Edition for a lots of free gift ever. Since my member point expired in May 2016, I decided to redeem the Skin Booster at 75 gm bottle, not remember the total point,… Read more »

DKNY Perfume Gift for Cousin Wedding

  I already lost of time to update this website, Its June 2016, whoaaa……lots I miss to update to the reader about my photos journey… not mad at me ok… Today I would like to continue the photos story my day with Sony NEX and Alpha series camera…..hahaha…..OK, after getting a free voucher from Parkson… Read more »

New Bottle New Fragrance – Victoria Secret

  Victoria Secret have redesign their mist fragrance bottle to be round and tall including changing the top of the bottle. Now the bottle look more gold than before and they also presenting new fragrance and so on. Each of the bottle seem have same quantity of fragrance, but it look like the total fragrance… Read more »

Star Hill Road to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

  When you have something to attend of an event of wedding, there will be a better destination can be explore in Kuala Lumpur. Here in Bukit Bintang or Star Hill which are the best location in this capital of Malaysia have a lots shopping centre and entertainment. At Bukit Bintang they have a plenty… Read more »

Innisfree New Product 2016

  This year Innisfree have introduce new item at the store including of brightening lotion, hair serum and foot scrub wash. I love the foot scrub which the flavor is very refreshing to my entire foot, the scrub can be use to remove dirt on the foot skin. The hair serum seem likely same to… Read more »

Etude House New Product – Collagen Cream

  This new product series from Etude House have a moisture durability strengthening cream with Super Collagen water and Baobab Oil that fills your skin with moisture. The particle in the moistfull Collagen always keep skin hydrated and leave skin feeling like jelly. This cream is soft, its contact on skin is firm and hydrates… Read more »

Innisfree Premium Orchid Signature Series

  Finally I have collect all Innisfree Orchid series Cream for anti-ageing, love the fragrance, but for sure its too expensive on the cream, total of the cream can reach RM 180 per jar. Its consist of massage cream, gel cream, eye cream, intense cream, enriched cream, mostly at quantity of 50 ml per jar… Read more »

Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Care Kit

  That good when you buy some cosmetic at Innisfree at certain price and getting this trial kit for free. The Jeju Sparkling Mineral Special Kit fir enriched with sparkling thermal water from Jeju Island to deliver moisture deep into your skin while helping to brighten skin. The small box consist of Mineral Lotion (15ml),… Read more »

Innisfree Soybean Essence (Normal and Light)

  At last I already got this Soybean Fermented Essence from Innisfree, both light and normal. The normal bottle seem likely to be oily fermented rather than light soybean. The light version is more fermented soybean at extra 4 % than the normal bottle. The light for the extreme oily skin and the normal for… Read more »

Clinique Facial Brush System – Skin Changer

  Clinique have made a best solution for skincare to their innovative facial brush system which its come into a special pack of skincare product and can be re-chargeable through USB port and can be used in the water for cleaning purpose. The brush system not using the rotation brush but using a speed of… Read more »

Innisfree VIP Pack 2016 Giveaway

  Thank you so much the giveaway from innisfree to me. Innisfree VIP Pack 2016 for the selected Innisfree customer which had a VIP holder member. The VIP Pack consist of home fragrance including of orchid and gardenia, snow globe and a free Innisfree VIP card that cost at RM 60. The VIP card can… Read more »

The Face Shop Mask & Cleanser

  Once again after a busy work this week at PWTC on the MTE 2016 event, I have return to home with all tired, no more energy and need of long sleep. By the way, remember the coupon at the Milk Cow store I have redeem at The Face Shop for the free Foam Rice… Read more »

SK-II New Year 2016 Promotion

  I’m searching for the New Bottle of FTE at the promotion event at Mid Valley Megamall, but unluckily the bottle is out of stock, I pretty late to buy the Limited Edition Chinese New Year (Phoenix) bottle for 230ml FTE with free 215 ml Toner at the promotion price of RM 620. The promoter… Read more »

Paul Frank by Innisfree

  Love Monkey!!! You might love Paul Frank. Collaboration with Innisfree for the New Year 2016 celebration was awesome. Since the merchandise from paul Frank is quite expensive, getting its for free is a really a bargain to have. with purchase of Innisfree above RM 200, you are eligible to get this Paul Frank Bag… Read more »

Innisfree Miniature Pack

  Anything small and easy for travel, but to get it I need to buy something worth more than its limits. This Innisfree Miniature Bottle was made if you buy any Innisfree product at the store with certain limits purchase. If you buy many, you are eligible to get this miniature bottle for free. I like… Read more »

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask

  As I said before, I just waiting for the Jeju Clay Mask Mousse version to be complete the set of Clay Series from Innisfree, Price at RM 70 per bottle, the mousse really nice and soft, deeply go to your skin to prevent the sebum from inside to be the blackhead and whitehead to… Read more »

SK-II Men Hugo Boss

  The limited Edition of SK-II Men Set featuring Boss Hugo Boss Perfume inside a one box at the price of RM 315 inclusive at Mid Valley Megamall, available on SK-II counter in mall or other places in Kuala Lumpur. Its consist of 75ml of Facial Treatment Essence and 30 ml of Boss Hugo Boss… Read more »

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Series

  At last but not really complete with the last clay mousse for the Innisfree Clay Volcanic Series, as seen in the photo there are a lots of innisfree series of product that concentrate into a special treatment, likely for pore, anti-ageing, brightening and so on. This clay is concentrate on pore care for most… Read more »

Mystical By Fazura – Mist & Merchandise

  By the name of an actress in Malaysia, Fazura was a beautiful women that have talent in acting, she also have a lots of controversy in her live, so by then lets talk about her product, she have a store in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One of my housemate is very like her so… Read more »

Daiso Facial Product at RM 5.30

  Just RM 5.30, Daiso selling a beauty product, does it good? so I decided to try some of its brand created for just a price of RM 5.30 each. So lets try the Daiso Charcoal Cleanser Foam and Natural Pack Mask, the product came in a small tube like toothpaste, the outlook of the… Read more »

Panasonic Beauty Series

  At last all Panasonic Beauty already buy on the season greeting and New year sale, got lots of discount on all facial gadget buy. This is the most important facial gadget from Panasonic need to be buy for having a good skincare rather than use cosmetics cream, essence, lotion and so on. This devices… Read more »

Panasonic Pore Cleanser

  Hate blackhead? Why not try this Panasonic Facial Pore Cleanser, easy using this kind of facial gadget to sucked of all the blackhead and whitehead mostly at the difficult area around nose,ear and eyes. This pore cleanser also provided with rechargeable battery for easy use and water resistance base product and can be washable…. Read more »

Innisfree Orchid Petal & Seed

  At last this Orchid Series has come to Innisfree Malaysia Store through their official store in Sunway Pyramid, Paradigm Mall and Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. This high concentrate of Orchids flavour for flawless and anti-ageing cream including of eye cream, enriched cream, intense cream, massage cream  and gel cream with free miniature travel kit (3… Read more »

Borghese Fango Active Mud For Face And Body

  The signature and classic Fango Active is a one-and-only, must-have, mineral-rich mud. It’s a sensational step beyond everyday clean. Derived from traditional Tuscan treatments, its deep-down purifying power purges and minimizes pores. It exfoliates and helps surface cell turnover, imparting clarity. It hydrates and firms reducing fine lines and providing smooth, toned texture. Infused with… Read more »

Panasonic Warming Facial & Body Roller

  This is another invention make Panasonic for facial treatment which its come in roller base gadget. This is one of the many range in Panasonic Beauty gadgets, you need to collect at least 4 of this gadgets including steamer, putter, blackhead and whitehead sucker and other remaining product from Panasonic. This Warming Facial &… Read more »

Guardians Charcoal & Tea Tree Nose Pack

  Since Biore is the one of the most effective with their nose pore strips, I would like to try this new nose strips from Guardians Pharmacy which is more less expensive and have extra strips for the treatment. The charcoal pore strips is come with active charcoal for oil absorption, and witch hazel to… Read more »

Pony Brown Cute Mask Plus

  This mask inclusive of 4 types of mask into a 2 box for the end of year 2015 promotion at Guardian pharmacy. The blue pack is for the intense moisturizing and smoothing  your skin ( 5 sheets), the green for purifying & pore care, the red is for illuminating and revitalizing and the final… Read more »

New Year at Segamat Town, Johor Darul Takzim

  Just back again to my hometown in Johor, mostly miss my mother and sibling around, when a new baby came into my family, its really cherish the day. Since the weather is getting hot in the afternoon, we decided to going out only after 5.00pm, cause not make the baby cry cause by the… Read more »

Borghese Fango Mud

  Do you having trying this kind of mud? This is Fango from Borghese which made from nature mud for masking and peeling, the smell also very good and very pleasant to your face. This jar filled with 212 gram of mud which being the signature product of Borghese. Selling in Malaysia just RM 65… Read more »

Which The Best Cleanser? Any Suggestions

  Which the best cleanser?Any suggestions need to be care of. As from the photos, many of my cleanser are from the east which I mean it came from Korea, Japan and so on. Just a few came from UK and Europe like Bodyshops and Garnier. Basically all of this cleanser is like a food… Read more »

Panasonic Beauty – Facial Cool Putter

  No need to take ice from the fridge anymore for your face, to reduce pore size just using this Panasonic Cool Putter is easy in a few minutes. The result is very tremendous, you can feel your face so cool down by the thin layer of putter which cool out all the pore to… Read more »

Innisfree Green Tea Collection

  At last,I have collect all Innisfree Green Tea Collection for my facial treatment, It’s good when the ingredient of the innisfree product can be used to my skin without any irritation, the smell also very good, specially used at night. The cream from the green tea seed also make face smooth and shiny, like… Read more »

Innisfree Free Giveaway

  Since back from the short course by my organisation, I do not have much time to update this website, lots of my photo not yet being review, which my facebook page seem very fast update, unlucky no story was done at facebook page and the visitor to the page also still not many like… Read more »

Innisfree Green Tea Series

  So funny when the promoter at the Innisfree store asking me like this ” I always see you came here recently to buy this product, you like it so much ha”. Me laughing and reply her answer with some reason why I always come to the store and she understand what I’m doing there…. Read more »