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Steaming Dory – Sweet Sour

Since our family never eat this kind of fish, mainly no bone fish as Dory fish or some kind of fish that unknown to named. Never-mind said my mum, as long is taste so good is okay. So, we decided to cook as steam version with ginger and so on on a steamer pot. From… Read more »

Angry Bird The Movie Full Decoration 2016

  Even the Angry Bird the Movie is over in June 2016, the kids still watching this movie for the school break in December 2016. Here I publish the delay photo of The Angry Bird the Movie Full Decoration for the launching event in Mid Valley Megamall. Luckily to see and capture the big bird… Read more »

Bath & Body Works Scented Candle Promotion

  As I know only Yankee Candle is popular for the scented candle but its only what people say about it. Later, when you getting to enter such a colorful shop that just launch in only at Nu Sentral Mall, they have a variety of scented candle at the price likely same to Yankee candle,… Read more »

Victoria Secret Mist Sale 2016 Summer

  Once again the store of Victoria Secret made my day of the New Look Bottle for the Summer or for the Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2016 celebration including exclusive promotion of Perfume mist. I likely to have the Love Spell flavor to my collection along with other fruity flavor of scent. The content of the… Read more »

Segamat Town, Johor Darul Takzim

  Best to keep with family member at this holiday, most of my sibling working in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Putrajaya. Only father and mother live in Johor for this moment. They likely the Village quite environment rather than busy town like Kuala Lumpur and so on. Segamat is the one of a small… Read more »

P. Ramlee Legend of Malaysia Exhibition, NU Sentral

  Everybody born in Malaysia knows about P. Ramlee, he was an actor in old years day that have named for a great film for the Malaysia and Singapore. NU Sentral have been selected to represent all P. Ramlee art including the history of his film, fashion, his friends during shooting, timeline of his life… Read more »

The memories of Sony Bloggie HD to Blogger

  Remember this device produce by Sony for the fanatics blogger, small and easy to handle movie and photo capture even the megapixel not being the number 1 to this, Sony keep the technology to be the lowest ever but the usage of this device mainly can be fun. Every moment can be capture through… Read more »

Senja Restaurant – Maju Junction, Kuala Lumpur

  Senja? Wahhh…this name also can be used as restaurant name…hahaha. The Senja mean Sunset in English, so try to translate as Sunset Restaurant inside the Maju Junction Mall building in Kuala Lumpur city center. The restaurant look very luxurious display of its decoration of white Orchids everywhere in such a big vase. All paint… Read more »

Mid Valley North Court CNY 2016

  All most a month I’m late to update this website, event the CNY 2016 already over, the photos seem not yet been review by me. So, here a a few photos from the Mid Valley North Court decoration on this year Chinese New Year 2016. There are so many lanterns, goldfish everywhere inside this… Read more »

[Back Into Memories]- Arowana & Goldfish 2008

  Love so much this event in 2008 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur for the Freshwater Fish Exhibition 2008. Ticket sell at RM 10 per head for this event. Lots of fish came from all pacific region take part into this, mostly arowana and goldfish for the competition.  The arowana can achieve million… Read more »

[Back Into Memories] – Bird Paradise 2008

  Love this place which is near Kuala Lumpur National Mosque or Masjid Negara and its also surrounded with Orchid Gardens and the Previous Prime Minister Abdul Razak Memorial. This place named Kuala Lumpur Bird Garden, the fee is about RM 35 per person (Adult). The cage is too large even the net is far… Read more »

[Back Into Memories ] – Mid Valley Fashion Show 2007

  This photos taken on summer 2007 where Mid Valley Mega Mall presenting their event for the Fashion Week. The trending by Rufffey to the stage for the fashion show was awesome, all the models showing their new summer fashion during this event. In the 1st time I have used this Sony A200W with SAL75300… Read more »

Sunway Pyramid Chinese New Year Deco 2016

  Sunway pyramid is doing early thing to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2016 this year, with collaboration with the Panda Movie, the decoration of Monkey is lost rather than showing lots of panda at the stage for the decoration.Background of old Chinese building with a cute bridge. Visitor can taking photo using sponsored photo… Read more »

Mid Valley – North Court Xmas Deco 2015

  At the other side of the Mid Valley Megamall, at the North Court presenting a giant decoration of Xmas 2015 including of the big pencils, service of wrapping present, decoration stall, ice cream and toys. At the centre was a tower of 3, which a soldier on the tower seeing the customer at the… Read more »

Sunnyside Farm Premium Ice Cream

  Big and delicious ice cream from Sunnyside farms really very good taste, this time its come in Chocolate falavour named ” Death By Chocolate”, very so named hilarious to be of the ice cream name….This ice cream featuring of decadent chocolate ice cream, chocolate candy pieces and crunchy almonds. I can finish this box… Read more »

SK-II Premium Cosmetic Travel Bag

  Luckily to have this cosmetic travel bag from SK-II counter at Mid Valley Megamall on the previous promotion at the centre court, this bag only available during the promotion period at the price of RM 178 including the Color Set inside the bag. The color set also came with mask, cleanser, CC Cream and… Read more »

White Xmas Deco 2015 at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

  The white xmas come again at Pavilion Shopping Centre at Star Hill, Kuala Lumpur. This year they come with a large xmas tree made by Swarovski that worth RM 700, 000 as reported in any news and blogs around Kuala Lumpur. You also can experience snow show at the entrance of the mall at… Read more »

Beryl’s Chocolate Dragees

  This chocolate come with many flavour in a jar, price at RM 19.90 at Mitsui Premium Park, KLIA. The dragees consist of Green Tea Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Strawberry Chocolate and original flavour. Net Weight at 370 gram. Ohh the taste very good, seem just came out from the factory….want try some….come here…

Okay Set!, Weekday Sets at Sepiring Mid Valley

  Once again meet the sangatsedap food, here for dinner with my housemate… decided to take the Yellow Curry Rice and the Hainan Chicken Rice for sure. Since this package under the “Okay Set!, Weekday Sets” is very good to easy going menu at all. The ala carte also can be ordered from the book… Read more »

SK-II Festive Edition 2015 – Set of Color, Iconic & More

  The promotion came again this year with more discount and free gift. The photo show the SK-II product at a price of RM 2500+ before discount and become RM 1420 after discount. The set including the Iconic Set at RM 620, Colour Set at RM 187 each with free Cosmetic and Travel Bag. Free… Read more »

ZARA Men Perfume Twin Pack

  The new out coming perfume from ZARA with twin pack of perfume flavor. The 1st Balfour is Silver and the 2nd is Uomo. The price is unknown to be but this kind of perfume buy by one of my friends is tempting of is men smell flavor. Come in Black and red box and… Read more »

KLIA Express from KL Sentral to KLIA

  Once again ride on the KLIA Express from KL Sentral to KLIA for the arrival of the Hajj peoples that return form Mecca. Me sponsored by my cousin luckily ride on the KLIA Express for free. This is my 3rd time ride on the most expensive train ride across Malaysia, which they most advance… Read more »

Manhattan Fish Market

  Love seafood? just go to Manhattan Fish Market for a seafood salad platter. yummy squid, mushroom and salad was freshly taste, yummy RM 25 dishes of seafood platter in front of the table make me so tempting to taste it with the sauce and the lighting which peoples outside of the restaurant can see… Read more »

Chicken Chop Full HD, Segamat funny when at my hometown we have the Chicken Chop named Chicken Chop Full HD, why full HD? the answer is the price of the Chicken chop at RM 10.80, so then is named as full HD Chicken. The taste look normal but the main thing is not the food but the surrounding… Read more »

Segamat Town Centre, Johor

  The town center at night be good to visit at the shopping center at my hometown, bring family to buy home stuff including kitchen goods and so on. My mum mostly like to buy something for the family like raw meats, vegetable and the seafood. The next day will be the best cause mum… Read more »

Vivo at Segamat, Johor

  Thank god to my sister that she got increment for her salary as an IT Programmer at one of the profit bank in Malaysia, Bank Rakyat. So she spend lots for a day with my mum and father at our hometown in Segamat, Johor. Sister celebrate at Vivo Restaurant and we eat some western… Read more »

Volkswagen Miniature Bus

  What a coupon? You will get free coupon when buy a cosmetic product at Parkson, each RM 100 spend getting RM 10 coupon, lasting for a month….shopaholic thinking, do I need this coupon?Hahaha…..that good lets find something to buy….It just a paper, can buy anything… So what to buy?.. Thinking and look at the… Read more »

Giant Tiger Orchids

  This orchids takes me 15 years to have the flower, I have grow this flower since year 2000 at my old house in Segamat, later I and my mother replace the pot with the new pot in year 2004, but we also need to wait the orchids to grow big, this tiger orchids need… Read more »

Kenny Rogers Roasters

  Iftar at Kenny Rogers Roasters after seeing a movie Jurassic World at TGV Cinema, Jaya Shopping Centre. The movie start at 5.15pm and ended at 6.45pm. The seats is full with peoples and the story was awesome, the T-REX or Raptor seem have intelligent to kill other dinosaurs at the Island. Because the time… Read more »

Jaya Shopping Centre Dance Performance

  Since the Hari Raya is near next week on Friday, many of the shopping centre keep their marketing to the top, lots of traditional performance take place after 8.00pm in every shopping mall across Kuala Lumpur. This performance showing by the group of expert in traditional dancing, mostly the dance culture is from state… Read more »

Sony Carl Zeiss E-Mount SEL1670Z

  Testing the premium lens on the value mirrorless APC Sensor DSLT was mesmerizing, the increasing in focus better than the kits lens built in by the normal package of the camera. The Carl Zeiss E-Mount SEL1670Z seem to be affordable when using on the Large Size Full Frame Format, not bad to the value… Read more »

Sunway Pyramid Raya 2015 Deco #AnyamanRaya

  #AnyamanRaya was the theme selected by the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre for the next celebration Hari Raya 2015. Featuring small fancy traditional Malay Village house at the centre of the shopping mall. Meanwhile, the special mini cooper with such a good paint color nearby of the theme make the decoration truthly amazing.

New Sony Store The Curve

  Once again Sony Style the Curve change into new place as Sony Store the Curve, more space and more place to round inside the store. The store now offering a landscape of a small world, not yet ready to be display. The store have some giveaway to the visitor including of purchase free giveaway… Read more »

NU Sentral Hari Raya 2015 Decoration

  Village in Shopping Complex? Yes… NU Sentral Kuala Lumpur featuring the Village concept of Hari Raya Celebration for the year 2015, this theme show the traditional Malay home village lifestyle including of peoples playing “Wau Bulan” and so on. The decoration also consist of small shop that selling gift wraps hampers, traditional garment of… Read more »

Fitri Rose Limited Edition Bingsu

  Having again the limited edition Bingsu at Caffebene Jaya Shopping Centre with the next Rose Bingsu called Fitri, which consist of Cincau Jelly, Nuts, Vanilla Ice Cream, Red Bean, Cream and Milk. The red color of sensation rose flavour make the Bingsu look so beautiful. Each of the Limited Edition Bingsu cost at RM… Read more »

Cousin Bestday Treats, Welcome to 3 Series

  Thanks to Allah for the healthy life for my cousin, the celebration made at Starbucks One Utama Store, having a Frappucino with free drinks and cakes, TQ so much for the drinks…so yummy. Later we went to the gamer shops to buy PS4 games, so pity cause the shops already close at 10.00pm……so sad

Limited Edition Bingsu

  Caffebene once again creating a Limited Edition Bingsu for Hari Raya Celebration Next Month with free Duit Raya Packet (No Money Inside)…This Pandan Bingsu also consist of vanilla ice cream, nuts, red bean, sea jelly, laicy, milk and cream… feel so good having after iftar..

Sony A-Mount Lens SAL30M35

  Superb bokeh of the tremendous Sony Alpha Prime Lense of SAL30M35 which able to capture a macro view of an object near more than 1cm range even in low light condition. No need of tripod to eliminate shaking and blur photos. Recommended to the fanatics of small world of DSLR, more fancy experience can… Read more »

Magnum Ice Creams Exhibition

  The Ice Cream is to big to handle, huge enough to see the most temptation ice cream promotion ever made, once again Magnum Ice Cream selling the huge number of premium ice cream with discount and giveaway, the consumer can buy at least 2 box of Magnum and be able to handcraft their own… Read more »

LEGO Architecture – The Leaning Tower of Pisa

  The box look so beautiful, touch and feel the box with hand until you see the price tag show the price at RM 124.90, Gluppp…. what does this plastic cost like that? Nevermind! what I want is the Pisa Tower, the architecture of this LEGO set so nice, the blocks develop using the piece… Read more »

PS Vita Update 3.50

  Still used of the old PS Vita 1000, love very much the OLED screen even the power of the battery sink little bit fast, by the way the performance from the ARM Cortex Processor seem power to the little console like this, Sony lately try to obsolete this console which the games not very… Read more »

The E-Curve Mall, Damansara, PJ

  Shooping Centre doesn’t have only a single building, in Malaysia we have many Mall for shopping, one of them is The E-Curve Mall at Damansara, nearby Persiaran Surian and IKEA Malaysia. This building not so busy with people having their free time here, the place seem to be good to relax and chill out with… Read more »

Memories From London

  This music box sell at Uxbridge at a price of 24.59 pound each, many of the design is wooden made handcraft, the design shows the capital city in Europe but I choose London Big Ben as the landmark of Britain.

Caffebene Banana Waffle & Chocolate Shake

  Chill out on the weekend at the Bingsu popular cafe, Caffebene Jaya Shopping Centre, eating Banana and Blueberry Waffle with housemate, enjoying the place like Korean style cafe, its looks so gorgeous.

Mark & Spencer Tea and Biscuits

  Miss so much memories in London last year for master degree programme, I went to M&S Malaysia at KLCC for buying their Tea – mostly English Breakfast and Dark Chocolate Biscuit, the weird thing its looks so cheap in London rather convert the currency to RM, its look so big in money….oh my…..

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

  On April 10, 2015 was held an event at Mid Valley Megamall, The Avengers by Marvel shows their figurine to the public since the new movie came to the cinema. All the figurine act the heroes from various types of Marvel collection as Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, Hulks and so on.

Selfie on Sony NEX F3

  This will happen when you used a DSLT as a selfie camera, not easy to focus on your face either use the timer or flip the display screen… enjoy..