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Hari Raya 2016 Biscuits

Malaysia have many types of celebrations, Hari Raya is one of them and celebrated by the Malaysian every year. The photos show my mum variety of Malay Traditional Biscuit and some Modern Biscuit including some of Indian Biscuit and Nuts. The maximum biscuit at least 12 jar is just fine and minimum of 6 jars… Read more »

Hari Raya Food Teaser 2016

Since Hari Raya 2016 is already passed last year and I’m very busy to update my website from June 2017 until now, so I decided to take some time back to sit and write again even the office works is nearby like hell. This time, I shows a photo of Malaysian Traditional Food my mum… Read more »

YES 4G LTE Broadband

Since our parent home far from Kuala Lumpur and live in Segamat, but not at the town, else somewhere just far nearby which the facility not quite good at all, mainly for the communication using copper wire. Otherwise, we need to use capped quota of broadband internet with no choice at all. Since then, we… Read more »

Steaming Dory – Sweet Sour

Since our family never eat this kind of fish, mainly no bone fish as Dory fish or some kind of fish that unknown to named. Never-mind said my mum, as long is taste so good is okay. So, we decided to cook as steam version with ginger and so on on a steamer pot. From… Read more »

Mischief Saving Box

  Lucky to have this lovely coin box that act a cat inside to drop your coin. Price at RM 28 buy at Segamat UO Mall underground store that sell wholesale product from China at lowest price. Seem the coin box only left one for the cat and the remaining is panda inside the box…. Read more »

Mum Always Favorites Food for Family

  I love Malaysian Traditional food so much, hot and spicy original from the ingredient that available across the country including neighbor Thailand and Indonesia. There also have similar food like our food in Malaysia either has been modified or not, the taste of Asian still in the food. My mother likely to cook the… Read more »

Homemade Chocolate

  Didi you now this chocolate is made by my mother villagers for the occasion like wedding and others. Supremely this chocolate is homemade chocolate that can be taste likely in the premium shop, similar taste but kinda cheap to make, put in the nice and tidy small box made it so premium and luxury…. Read more »

Segamat Town, Johor Darul Takzim

  Best to keep with family member at this holiday, most of my sibling working in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Putrajaya. Only father and mother live in Johor for this moment. They likely the Village quite environment rather than busy town like Kuala Lumpur and so on. Segamat is the one of a small… Read more »

Secret Recipe Segamat with Family

  Go home at my hometown in Segamat for the holiday of Labour Day in May 2016. So chill out with the family member to the Secret Recipe Segamat for dinner. My mother likely to eat chicken chop, her favorite after all and the remaining eating Lasagna, burgers and others. In Segamat town Secret Recipe… Read more »

Segamat, Johor Entrepreneurship Carnival

  Been back to my hometown for the celebration of Chinese New Year 2016, which the holiday take 4 days off for works. At the Segamat square held an event of Johor Entrepreneurship Carnival where a bazaar open at the field for a week to help the local business to grow in the holiday of… Read more »

LEGO For Kids

  Kids really excited when they own a LEGO set for play. LEGO been 30 years in Malaysia since my young age, but the price still increasing due to currency conversion and tax. I buy this LEGO set at Westfield, London a few years ago at 19.90 pound per box. When see the price tag in… Read more »

Beautiful White Flower

  This photos show a beautiful white flower around my parent’s home, look so refreshing on the leaves, very dark green with a water drop on it. I keep photographing this flower side by side and the Sony NEX F3 show more contrast and color to the camera sensor, capture using kits lens SEL1855 and… Read more »

Chicken Chop Full HD, Segamat funny when at my hometown we have the Chicken Chop named Chicken Chop Full HD, why full HD? the answer is the price of the Chicken chop at RM 10.80, so then is named as full HD Chicken. The taste look normal but the main thing is not the food but the surrounding… Read more »

Segamat Town Centre, Johor

  The town center at night be good to visit at the shopping center at my hometown, bring family to buy home stuff including kitchen goods and so on. My mum mostly like to buy something for the family like raw meats, vegetable and the seafood. The next day will be the best cause mum… Read more »

Vivo at Segamat, Johor

  Thank god to my sister that she got increment for her salary as an IT Programmer at one of the profit bank in Malaysia, Bank Rakyat. So she spend lots for a day with my mum and father at our hometown in Segamat, Johor. Sister celebrate at Vivo Restaurant and we eat some western… Read more »