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Angry Bird The Movie

  I’m still busy to update my web in this year 2016, very very busy at all and might be so much delay, but in the time being I will try to overcome to upload the photo through Facebook pages for the visitor to the the event around Kuala Lumpur huge shopping mall every year…. Read more »

Dobuyo Dinner for Uncharted Launch

  Really getting excited to go to the Sony PlayStation event at Sunway Pyramid for the Uncharted 4 Launch at the Midnight from 10.00pm to 3.00am. Everybody getting the event card to redeem their games at the counter. Before that, take my dinner at Dobuyo for the hot Soondoobu Jigae for sure, getting the hot… Read more »

Mischief Saving Box

  Lucky to have this lovely coin box that act a cat inside to drop your coin. Price at RM 28 buy at Segamat UO Mall underground store that sell wholesale product from China at lowest price. Seem the coin box only left one for the cat and the remaining is panda inside the box…. Read more »

Lucky Gift From Sony Malaysia

  Anybody getting this lucky gift don’t know what is inside. The box is very look like a camera likely to be a Sony Full Frame Camera inside it, but the box is very small and its might be a fake camera or a replica of a camera. But in the event which a winner… Read more »

Sony A6300 & G Master Seminar 2

  Along with this event that continue from previous post, visitor can have a try of the New Sony Alpha A6300 with the new G Master Lenses for free, if interested to the gadget, they can pre-order the product by meeting the Sony Staff at the back of the hall for purchase, there also discount… Read more »

Marvel Civil War – Captain America

  Even this movie have been release in April 2016 and the movie is really be the best ever to the show. Sunway Pyramid have made an exhibition during the promotion of this Captain America – The Civil War, the event show the figurine of heroes in the movie, along with the biggest figurine at… Read more »

Tokyo Street in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

  Wanna feel Japan environment even not in Japan. Pavilion have a place, not too big or not to small, at the top of Pavilion shopping centre they have the place to feel like be in Japan, the shop there seem likely to be like a Japanese store in Japan. You can have a gadget… Read more »

Batman & Superman The Movie

  After walking across Bukit Bintang to Pavilion, now we are entering the glamorous shopping centre ever that representing their event of Batman and Superman The Movie. The centre of the shopping centre located the new Batmobile and the people have an event of hand wrestling by the contestant from universities and others. Really like… Read more »

Updating PS VITA to Version 3.57

  Sony always keep updated their Playstation Network Server for an update to all the consoles including this PS Vita. The handheld seem not very popular nowadays which the game mostly came from japan and likely to be an anime. Previously in the 1st launching of PS Vita in the market, the Uncharted – The… Read more »

Hot Wheel EPIC, New Track Promotion, Sunway Pyramid

  Once again Hot Wheel presenting their promotion for the new model tracks at Sunway Pyramid Court. Here, there a various of new model can be seen for demonstrating to the public and to the media. There will be a media conference at 3.00 pm and the public can buy the latest model track and… Read more »

Mini Mini Cafe Exhibition, Mid Valley Megamall

  Firstly I don’t know what this kind of decor their presenting to the public until finally I understand its for the decoration of miniature product from Mini Mini Cafe Toy Series. The decor is the same but larger version of the toy. Inside the glass featuring the miniature feature in small cabinet which you… Read more »

Segamat, Johor Entrepreneurship Carnival

  Been back to my hometown for the celebration of Chinese New Year 2016, which the holiday take 4 days off for works. At the Segamat square held an event of Johor Entrepreneurship Carnival where a bazaar open at the field for a week to help the local business to grow in the holiday of… Read more »

LEGO For Kids

  Kids really excited when they own a LEGO set for play. LEGO been 30 years in Malaysia since my young age, but the price still increasing due to currency conversion and tax. I buy this LEGO set at Westfield, London a few years ago at 19.90 pound per box. When see the price tag in… Read more »

Happy Birthday to My Nephew

  The whole world like a crazy when this kids celebrating their birthday together at my parent’s home in Johor. The photo of my nephew exciting to blow out the candle and make a wish as faster as they could. Mostly kids below than 5 years old doesn’t understand about birthday, what they want only… Read more »

PS4 Family Pack 2015

  For a limited time offer for Xmas 2015, this game bundle from Sony Playstation seem came late to the store, everytime I go to the store they always said the bundle is out of stock and then I need to pre-order until I get this bundle very late January 2016 for a best bargain… Read more »

Innisfree VIP Pack 2016 Giveaway

  Thank you so much the giveaway from innisfree to me. Innisfree VIP Pack 2016 for the selected Innisfree customer which had a VIP holder member. The VIP Pack consist of home fragrance including of orchid and gardenia, snow globe and a free Innisfree VIP card that cost at RM 60. The VIP card can… Read more »

Disney Fun Fare Exhibition, MVEC

  Disney Fun Fare Exhibition at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre show all Disney Trademark merchandise including kids garment and accessories. Mainly, the target is on kids toys that selling at warehouse price from RM 15 to RM 1000+, depend on the type of toys and kids garment show by the exhibitor. All parent need to spend… Read more »

Paul Frank by Innisfree

  Love Monkey!!! You might love Paul Frank. Collaboration with Innisfree for the New Year 2016 celebration was awesome. Since the merchandise from paul Frank is quite expensive, getting its for free is a really a bargain to have. with purchase of Innisfree above RM 200, you are eligible to get this Paul Frank Bag… Read more »

Sunway Pyramid Chinese New Year Deco 2016

  Sunway pyramid is doing early thing to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2016 this year, with collaboration with the Panda Movie, the decoration of Monkey is lost rather than showing lots of panda at the stage for the decoration.Background of old Chinese building with a cute bridge. Visitor can taking photo using sponsored photo… Read more »

Daiso Owl Coin Bank

  Really cute of two of this owl coin bank from Daiso, each owl coin bank at a price of RM 5.30. Not to big or too small, just fit your table for decoration, mostly for money saving point. Its made by ceramic and easy to broke out, luckily the coin bank have a door… Read more »

New Year at Segamat Town, Johor Darul Takzim

  Just back again to my hometown in Johor, mostly miss my mother and sibling around, when a new baby came into my family, its really cherish the day. Since the weather is getting hot in the afternoon, we decided to going out only after 5.00pm, cause not make the baby cry cause by the… Read more »

Nippon Paint Tree at E-Curve

  The giant xmas tree made by Nippon Paint for the xmas 2015, located at the curve square between the e-curve mall and the curve mall. The xmas tree with 10 metre high made by paint cans decorate with such a lighting and support by the 5 large monsters (Nippon Paint Trademark).Nippon Paint the coating… Read more »

Chipmunks, NU Sentral Xmas 2015 Deco

  Every floor in this shopping mall occupied by the hilarious Chipmunks on the Xmas 2015 decoration by NU Sentral Mall, the music also being chipmunk every single song. The title of the deco is the Xmas road chip. Lots of children playground in this deco, including the large travel bag and so on. The… Read more »

Mid Valley – North Court Xmas Deco 2015

  At the other side of the Mid Valley Megamall, at the North Court presenting a giant decoration of Xmas 2015 including of the big pencils, service of wrapping present, decoration stall, ice cream and toys. At the centre was a tower of 3, which a soldier on the tower seeing the customer at the… Read more »

Mid Valley Megamall Xmas Deco 2015

  Once again cause of lazy me to update this web, cause by too many of even and festive season at many place including  this place Mid Valley Megamall at last show their decoration of Xmas 2015, this photo was taken during the season before Xmas 2015. I not recently update cause too many job… Read more »

White Xmas Deco 2015 at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

  The white xmas come again at Pavilion Shopping Centre at Star Hill, Kuala Lumpur. This year they come with a large xmas tree made by Swarovski that worth RM 700, 000 as reported in any news and blogs around Kuala Lumpur. You also can experience snow show at the entrance of the mall at… Read more »

The Gardens Mall Xmas Deco 2015

  Oriental presentation of Xmas 2015 at the Gardens Mall, Mid Valley shows some classical different from others. This year the theme seem mixed with the Xmas and Chinese New Year. Lots of flowers surrounded the pathway to the iSetan. Some of the deco show of xmas tree with chinese touch. Luxury made food on… Read more »

Suria KLCC Xmas Deco 2015

  Not so much this year 2015, Suria KLCC has made a candy and gingerbread to be their Xmas 2015 deco, conjunction with SK-II promotion at the Centre Court. The giant candy around the xmas decoration made the kids love with their creation. Huge lollipop seem looks so tasty to me, hope get one to… Read more »

Star Wars by Selangor Royal Pewter

  Get the most premium merchandise from Selangor Pewter including of Star Wars characters, mugs, button, and so on. All the merchandise made by pewter, totally pewter and its cost very expensive. The price starting from RM 300 and above which I can see the most pewter character price at RM 3,800 (the biggest monster)…. Read more »

Star Wars Merchandise at Mid Valley Megamall

  Since the exhibition of Star Wars at Mid Valley still on until 29th November 2015, the participating companies like Toy “R”Us doing their promotion on merchandise that will be buy by the customer. The merchandise including of travel mug aka tumblr, t-shirts, toys, bag, stationery, kids toys, miniature and so on. Some of the… Read more »

Star Wars X-Wing Star Fighter Space Ship

  For the 1st ever the Star Wars getting generous about promoting their new movie to the public in Malaysia. Now come with the largest X-Wing Star Fighter Space Ship at the middle of the Mid Valley Megamall. Open to the public from 20th to 29th November 2015 exclusively with collaboration partner including of Selangor… Read more »

Jaya Shopping Centre Xmas Deco 2015

  The Xmas come again at Jaya Shopping Centre at Section 14, Petaling Jaya. This year theme come with the largest toys on the stage and other place in the mall. Along with this celebration, the mall come with free popcorn to the kids, bring along your kids to get this free popcorn. They also… Read more »

Starbucks Reserve Re-Visit

  Going to Mid Valley to redeem the free Sk-II Men set at the counter for free, which the Aeon Jusco have a biggest Sk-II in October 2015 at the Centre Court of Mid Valley, every purchase of RM 350 will getting the free voucher of RM 50 in the promotion period and can be used… Read more »

Goosebumps by UCSI & Sony Pictures

  Goosebumps mainly tell about scary creature and horror, compilation of all scary characters is embedded into a single movie, the student from UCSI has made a model for the movies using the pastel. On the photo taken there are the characters has been made by them. The story is about a teenager teams up with… Read more »

PS4 Tearaway Unfolded 2015

  Yeahh, at last this Tearaway came into PS4 after this game was used in the 1st season on PS Vita last 2 years. This paper craft game is very interactive games from the founder of LittleBigPlanet 1, 2 and 3 and PS Vita version, very the out of box game, where the adventure fighting… Read more »

Malaysian IT, Mobile Fair & Electronic Expo

  For the 3rd times the Exhibition of IT and mobile take place in Mid Valley MVEC, the event mainly concentrate to laptop, storage and mobile devices rather than PC and Mac. Computer Accessories take place in the exhibition such selling powerbank, cable, thumbdrive, external HDD and so on. The option for consumer is to… Read more »

iHealth Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker

  That good when the actual price of this device at RM 200 drop to RM 88 at Lazada online sale, I buy this item at 10 pieces cause lots of interested people at the office show their interest about activity health gear. This tracker can be use as watch or at your waist (as… Read more »

Paper Craft Puncher Just Nice

  Do you know each of the craft puncher price at RM 5.30 per item, so cheap. This kind of stationary if sell in the bookshop or other bookstore can reach up to RM 40 per item, depend on the pattern on the puncher. Seem Daiso have provide this kind of cheap puncher its never… Read more »

Malayan Tiger Campaign

  Mid Valley Megamall and WWF again collaborate to the animal campaign to save the Malayan Tiger which the one of the threatened animal in Malaysia. The theme made from recycle paper box along the Mall 3rd Floor. They also preview others animal in the campaign including snakes, monkeys and so on.

VIVO at The Curve, IKEA

  Long time not visit this Restaurant since last year back from UK at Berjaya Times Square branch, but now at The Curve with free membership card and a free Mango with cream at the price of RM 14.90. This week the main dishes is a beef and chicken pizza with discount of 20%, eat… Read more »

Sony Store Miniature Town for Alpha

  Be a dream when have this kind of toys at home, small town with fantasy dreaming miniature town with moving small train surrounding the land. The theme selected by Sony Store is about Malaysia Lifestyle from the village view to the modern tower of Kuala Lumpur. Meanwhile, on the other side they build a… Read more »

Volkswagen Miniature Bus

  What a coupon? You will get free coupon when buy a cosmetic product at Parkson, each RM 100 spend getting RM 10 coupon, lasting for a month….shopaholic thinking, do I need this coupon?Hahaha…..that good lets find something to buy….It just a paper, can buy anything… So what to buy?.. Thinking and look at the… Read more »

Seattle Space Needle – LEGO Architecture

  The smallest built of Seattle Space Needle from Lego Architecture at the Price of RM 99 seem not be affordable cause by the a few pieces of lego inside the box. Its take a few time to build this building, not to adventurous like Paris Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa which the architecture… Read more »

DanBoard on SAL30M28 lens

  Its not easy to handle a A-Mount Lens featuring a Prime lens of SAL30M28 Macro lens in low light, since I have a model of Amazon JP Danboard, its can be a thing to any view and places, I have try to adjust the setting that not so much easier from the E-mount lenses… Read more »

Maybank Treats Fair 2015

  The biggest bank in Malaysia once again held an event to the public with old school music theme, Maybank show their public relation to their customer by giving and exchange the point with goods and service. Peoples subscribe including credit card or debit card can redeem their point with popular product present in the… Read more »

Minions Madness at Mid Valley Megamall

  Mid Valley Megamall again showing the best part of the preview from the Movie – Minions Madness, featuring HSBC & Huawei to exhibits this many of the feature Minions to the publics, this event started on 28th May to 14 June 2015 at Centre Court of the Mall. Many peoples bring their families and… Read more »

LEGO Architecture – The Leaning Tower of Pisa

  The box look so beautiful, touch and feel the box with hand until you see the price tag show the price at RM 124.90, Gluppp…. what does this plastic cost like that? Nevermind! what I want is the Pisa Tower, the architecture of this LEGO set so nice, the blocks develop using the piece… Read more »

PS Vita Update 3.50

  Still used of the old PS Vita 1000, love very much the OLED screen even the power of the battery sink little bit fast, by the way the performance from the ARM Cortex Processor seem power to the little console like this, Sony lately try to obsolete this console which the games not very… Read more »

Prime Lens & DanBoard

  Cute Danboard on the action where the Sony Alpha Prime lenses take into credit. The magnificent bokeh produce by the prime lens of SAL50F18 was superb. See all the actions, DanBoard looks so adorable.

The Ultimate Gaming Console Collection

  Sometimes chill out always not good when going to spend time at a place, but rather be in the house also can be a good choice, since I have some toy like a gaming console at home, I would like to share the photo of my gaming console including of the new PS4, PS3,… Read more »